Projects Module

Projects Module

When first approached to provide a testimonial with respect to the Projects Module of The Conveyancer, I wasn't quite sure what angle to take until I thought back to when I first entered the legal profession and recalled how purchase/sale documentation was prepared and transactions were completed… manually and on a file-by-file basis with no means of mass producing.

From the Newsome & Gilbert forms prepared on the typewriter using sheets of carbon to the implementation of the Polaris forms and now electronic registration through Teranet, to say procedures have changed would be an understatement. A large component of that change was the arrival of Conveyancer which eventually brought with it the Projects Module which services the area of builder/developer real estate for many law firms across Ontario/Canada.

A few of the features that I find most beneficial are the mass open, mass updates and form production features. Mass open allow a user to open a master record for a project which contains all the standard information relating to a project (i.e. The builder/vendor's name, plan number, name of surveyor, encumbrances on title, etc.). From the master record, a user can then open a record for each lot/unit within the project inputting the information specific to the lot/unit; mass update can be done within a project for all fields found in a sale record including the HST Rebate Application (i.e. Amending setup of Statement of Adjustments, Trust Ledger, number of existing ) in the master record and then processing the change(s) throughout all records within the project at once. Form production also allows you to produce documents for multiple records at a time using either the standard documents provided with Conveyancer or standard forms which have been imported into the program (i.e. A notice re condominium registration in the form of a fax imported into Conveyancer can be addressed to all purchasers' solicitors and produced in one step).

There are other features provided within the Projects Module that I could touch on but these are the ones that readily came to mind and are utilized by the writer on almost a daily basis.

Comparing how things used to be done on a file-to-file bases to the way they can be done on a project-to-project basis, it doesn't take long to see the benefits of using the Projects Module for any builder/developer project where you're dealing with lots on a plan of subdivision or units within a condominium.

I have no hesitation in recommending this software to any firm that does not already use this module within Conveyancer. It has been my experience that Do Process is willing to offer any assistance necessary including providing required training or assisting with the coding of a firm's standard documents to ensure that the proper information is pulled from the required fields within a record/project.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Projects Module of The Conveyancer program as a whole does now and will continue to provide the necessary tools to allow users to prepare and complete closings in a highly efficient and professional manner.

Rebecca Klingspohn
Law Clerk, Robson Carpenter LLP
Ayr, Ontario

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