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1. Purchasing credits

Click Transaction Management > Purchase Credits > Order by Internet > Indicate Payment Method > Indicate Amount > Type in ‘Submitted by’ Name > Type in ‘Authorized by’ Name > Click Purchase by Internet > Submit

2. Loading your letterhead

The Conveyancer can be configured to print your letterhead or to print onto stationery that’s pre-printed with your letterhead. You don’t have to change each individual Master Document.

Each Master Document distributed with the software contains an “Include File” option that automatically lets you add in your letterhead. Simply incorporate your letterhead into the Include File. Note: It is not recommended that you overwrite the file with your letterhead, because the file may contain other important formatting codes (such as page-numbering).

The four letterhead Include Files which should be modified are:

  • ltr&date.fmt - contains a code to add in the date.
  • ltrundtd.fmt - a copy of ltr&date.fmt, but without the date code or the hard return character. Note: This letterhead is used with a few specific Master Documents, which are to be dated on the Closing Date, and for which the date of the letter is inserted by a document production code in the Master Document, rather than a code in the letterhead Include File.
  • account.fmt - a copy of ltr&date.fmt, but customizable, so you can have a different letterhead on Statements of Account than you do for letters.
  • ledger.fmt - a copy of ltr&date.fmt, but customizable, so you can have a different letterhead on Trust Ledger Statements than you do for letters.

3. Creating your database

Every time you enter a Purchaser or Vendor name in The Conveyancer, it is entered into the Parties database. To edit the Parties database directly outside of a Record, click on the 2nd DB (Secondary Databases) button and click 2 Parties.

4. Title Insurance options

Law Office Facilitated Title Insurance (LOFTI) is the process by which The Conveyancer facilitates the ordering of Title Insurance (for residential properties only) from Stewart Title Guaranty Company, FCT Insurance Company Ltd. or Chicago Title Insurance Company.
Title Insurance for Stewart Title is available in two modes, each with a different interface and workflow:

• Electronic-order - lets you order Title Insurance from Stewart Title with all communications and documents delivered electronically over the Internet.
• Paper-based - requires you to contact Stewart Title to receive policy numbers and documents.

The Paper-based is set up by default in The Conveyancer. We advise new clients to contact Stewart Title (866-969-9101) to reconfigure LOFTI to Electronic-order, obtain the login credentials and download policies into The Conveyancer.

For FCT we advise new clients to contact FCT (866-804-3122) to set up a new account with login credentials.
Chicago Title allows a new user to submit a request for a new account within The Conveyancer via a dialog box that appears when a new user selects this Title Insurance company for the first time.

5. After the 30-day trial

You will receive a statement outlining the license fees and invoice numbers for any Transaction Credits purchased during the trial period.

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