Who We Are

In business since 1989, we believe in making the complex world of law, simple. Our practice specific solutions help legal professionals streamline their business and deliver the highest value to their clients. Our customers save time by increasing accuracy and efficiency, which creates the capacity to further grow the profitability of their practice.

As the leading software provider for Canadian legal professionals, we make it our mission to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers through exceptional products, services, ongoing training, and support. A variety of internal teams work collaboratively to ensure that our customers are able to easily integrate our applications into their day-to-day practice, and keep those customers’ best interests top of mind, at all times. That includes ensuring we offer a tailored experience through the customization of our products by region as well as local support in every province we do business in.

Today, DoProcess is the #1 provider of practice specific software for law offices in Canada, providing increased efficiency and profitability to over 15,000 practitioners in the areas of real estate, corporate, wills and estate law.

DoProcess applications seamlessly connect legal professionals with industry service providers, other law firms, stakeholders, and government entities thereby creating additional efficiencies for busy practitioners. Legal professionals trust DoProcess applications to manage over 1.4 million transactions annually enabling them to provide a superior experience to their clients.

We are not only a provider of not only software but of full service solutions for legal professionals. Our first class Customer Service Centre responds to over 50,000 requests each year, quickly and effectively resolving inquiries. The team also replies to email requests in less than 30 minutes and have a customer satisfaction score of over 95%* thanks to their dedication and expertise.

An even greater understanding of that experience comes with our expert and local teams of Customer Success Managers. Made up of industry experts, former law clerks, legal assistants and paralegals, the Customer Success Team has in depth expertise of the legal industry and firsthand knowledge of experiences our customers have each and every day. Since 2011 this team has effectively trained thousands of individuals, at no additional cost, through formalized training webinars, and conducted over 1,000 1:1 sessions.

We continuously solicit feedback and suggestions through various channels to develop our strategies and tactics, and we will never stop working to bring our customers more value. With a Customer Experience score greater than 90%*, we feel confident that we have successfully built a healthy engine for success well into the future, and we are grateful to have such loyal customers along for the journey.

“Yes. DoProcess does the job. Great software and on-the-spot support. They’re a “first class” organization that has made our Real Estate & Corporate practice more productive and more profitable.”

Papazian Heisey Myers

“Great software, great support and upgrades. I no longer stare gloomily at boxes of back-logged reports to do. It keeps me up-to-date and ahead of the pack.”

Fitzpatrick & Culic

“We have been customers of DoProcess since their early DOS days. We are extremely satisfied with their programs and their prompt support.”

Gilmore & Gilmore LLP

“I heard much praise from other lawyers about your software prior to having it installed on my own system. I am thrilled with its performance and very pleased with the support received from your company.”

Jeanette C. Mather

*Customer Experience Index Survey 2018