Anti-Spam Policy

Teranet is committed to complying with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law as it may be amended from time to time, and any other applicable
rules and regulations under or relating to Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.

Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs)

All electronic messages that encourage participation in a commercial activity (CEMs) sent to you from us will be in compliance with
the requirements of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law, including, without limitation:

(a) Any sender identification and sender contact information;
(b) Any unsubscribe mechanism;
(c) The processing and respecting requests to no longer receive CEMs; and
(d) Ensuring that any CEM you receive from us includes a descriptive subject line consistent with the purpose for our
contacting you.


In most cases, our CEMs provide you with the ability to unsubscribe or opt out of receiving our CEMs. Any “unsubscribe” link in our
CEMs will remain operational for 60 days following the sending of the CEMs. When you unsubscribe using the links provided in our
CEMs, your request will be processed as soon as possible, and no later than 10 business days after you send the request. Please note
that even if you unsubscribe, there are certain contexts in which we can still send you messages.

Third Parties
Teranet does not knowingly do business with any company that participates in sending spam.

Changes to this Anti-Spam Policy

Teranet may amend this policy at any time by publishing a new version of it on this website.

Contact Us
We are committed to ensuring that you do not receive unwanted commercial electronic from Teranet. Should you have any
questions or concerns about Teranet’s spam management strategies or any electronic messages you receive from us, please contact
us at

For more information on Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), please go to .