7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude

‘Tis the season when warm, joyful memories are preceded by the stress and anxiety of getting ready for the holidays while frantically wrapping up the year at work. One of the best ways to help relieve holiday season stress and its negative health effects is to actively practice gratitude. As psychotherapist and author Amy Morin points out: “Cultivating gratitude doesn’t cost any money and it certainly doesn’t take much time, but the benefits are enormous.” If you’re not already taking a little time each day to count your blessings, her 7 well-researched benefits of doing so might just convince you to start. Research has shown that taking the time to be thankful can have numerous physical and mental health benefits. For example, grateful people sleep better which boosts their immune systems, energy and ability to respond well in stressful situations. Even if you’re the rare person who doesn’t find the holidays a bit stressful, why pass up such great benefits?