Announcing our Acquisition of Lex Cortex Ltd.

Today we announced that we have purchased all shares of Toronto-based Lex Cortex Ltd.

Lex Cortex’s flagship product, NoticeConnect®, modernizes the estates administration process of advertising for creditors. The Canada Will Registry, a web-based solution recently added to their suite of products, helps lawyers manage their will vaults, and search for missing wills.

We first established a strong partnership in 2018 and since then have integrated both NoticeConnect and the Canada Will Registry with our solutions.  We are excited to formally welcome Lex Cortex to the DoProcess team. “Our businesses are highly complementary as we strive to improve the Estate Planning and Estate Administration process on behalf of our valued customers across Canada,” said DoProcess President, Grant Goldrich.

Lex Cortex will join DoProcess under the continued leadership of Patrick Hartford.

“I am proud to join the DoProcess team. Our services are a natural fit with DoProcess products and together we enable a powerful value proposition for our Wills and Estates customers” said Patrick Hartford, President of Lex Cortex. “Our industry vision is already aligned and we look forward to evolving our product offerings and creating greater value for our clients.”

About Lex Cortex

NoticeConnect is a web platform for publishing, accessing, and managing legal information. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in downtown Toronto, NoticeConnect effectively and affordably connects public legal notices with their intended audiences. The platform is trusted by lawyers, trustees, banks, and government. In 2017, the Superior Court confirmed that publishing a notice to creditors on NoticeConnect entitles an estate trustee to the liability protection afforded the Trustee Act. Since then, the company has developed a suite of products for creditors and the Canada Will Registry.

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