Finding and Keeping the Best Staff

Replacing a great employee is more expensive than retaining one but ask by how much and people are no longer so certain. In fact, a general rule of thumb is that the cost to replace an employee is about 20% of their salary although it’s estimated to be as high as twice the annual salary for an executive-level employee. Those costs come in a variety of forms, not all of which are easy to spot, including:

  • Recruiter or job advertising fees
  • Missing out on business because of the staff shortage
  • Staff hours spent reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and calling references
  • Training and onboarding the new hire
  • Lost productivity and correcting errors as they get up to speed

Operating in an industry where staff require specialized skills, law offices are particularly vulnerable to the costs of onboarding a new member and the resource shortage during the period a job is unfilled. As a result, attracting, and most importantly, retaining a talented team of legal professionals is a major consideration for every law office. We asked some of our customers who are at the top of their game to share how they’re able to recruit and retain their talented staff. We’ve captured their key insights in the downloadable infographic below: