How Diamond and Diamond has become one of the fastest growing real estate practices in Ontario

With more than 20 busy law offices, Diamond and Diamond has a well-established reputation for their personal injury law services. Over the last few years, they’ve also become one of the fastest growing real estate practices in Ontario by anticipating and adapting to market trends and changing customer expectations.

We talked to Diamond and Diamond’s Senior Legal Counsel, Sanjay Soni, to gain some insight into their successful track record and learn how technology has played a key role in enabling their rapid growth.

Prior to joining Diamond and Diamond, Sanjay Soni owned his own legal practice, Nexera Law Group. In fact, Nexera was acquired by Diamond and Diamond in 2020 in large part due to the technological advancements Soni implemented in his own firm that enabled impressive efficiency gains and growth.

Diamond and Diamond is attracting a growing number of clients with its strong brand and reputation for customer service. Soni explains that investing in technology is critical in enabling and scaling efficient, high-quality service. That’s exactly what happened when Diamond and Diamond made the decision to transition to Unity®, a web-based practice management and conveyancing platform. They leveraged Unity’s powerful functionality by connecting it through APIs to their own customized software. Soni says it’s already paying dividends by providing an enormous amount of flexibility with their client intake and internal file management. He further explains they use Unity’s document creation engine to create their own packages, and because the different pieces of software can talk to each other, it eliminates a lot of duplication of work. “From our perspective, there’s no other software on the market that matches what you have built for document production” says Soni. “It also has some excellent data and reporting capabilities on file quantities, types of files, and various business reports that we may not have in our system, or that we don’t really have a line of sight on because our system doesn’t produce the kinds of documents yours does.”

Soni further describes Unity’s integrations as providing huge value to the firm. Having this direct connectivity to title insurance companies, accounting firms, and Teranet saves a tremendous amount of time for the firm and is something they would have never been able to build on their own.

When asked about what changes he sees taking place with law practices, Soni explains there’s a definite growing trend with changing demographics and changing customer expectations. “People want their legal services from anywhere, and probably at any time. Clients don’t want to visit law offices and I don’t think this is a nine to five business anymore. COVID certainly accelerated this trend but it was already moving in that direction. Firms that don’t understand it or can’t see it coming, simply won’t be able to stay in business” says Soni. “I think we’ve got to be ready to service our clients at any time, and from anywhere to anywhere.

We use our customized software and applications like Unity to meet those customer needs head on. So when somebody wants to open their own file online, or use digital identification, or upload documents to their own client portal through their phone, we can do all that. We’re looking at what the market is demanding. We’re trying to anticipate what the trends are and have them implemented in our software prior to anyone else. Really, that’s the goal. Diamond and Diamond has a very strong team of lawyers with extensive experience. With the help of these technology applications, not only do our clients get the expert legal help they need, but we can also provide them with the superior customer experience they deserve.”

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