How Estate Administrators in Ontario are Saving Money and Reducing Liability

The process of advertising for creditors has been stuck in the past. While other parts of the legal industry move forward, estate law offices have been forced to advertise for creditors in newspapers that only reach a limited geographic area at costs that can quickly run into the thousands of dollars. Many estate administrators find themselves asking a difficult question: does it make sense to spend thousands of dollars of the estate’s money to advertise for creditors that I don’t believe exist or do I save them the cost and risk exposing myself to potential liability? Thankfully, there is now a modern, court-approved approach that makes this dilemma a thing of the past for Ontario estate administrators.

At Do Process, we are always looking for new innovative solutions to help legal professionals overcome challenges and streamline their practice. We’re excited to have partnered with an organization that is helping estate administrators reduce their costs, serve clients more effectively, and limit their administrative risk. Our newest partner, NoticeConnect®, offers a simple, cost effective, and court-approved approach to posting legal notices and reducing both legal liability as well as estate trustee liability in Ontario.

Estate-a-Base® customers are now able to publish and create Notices to Creditors and Knowledge of Will Notices directly within Estate‑a‑Base. This new integration makes it even easier to post that notice that you might have thought twice about posting in the past.

  • Publish legal notices at a fraction of the cost and to a wider geographical area compared to traditional newspaper ads. For less than $150, notices published on NoticeConnect are shared on social media, sent to subscribers, and easily found by creditors regardless of their location using online search engines such as Google
  • Save time and eliminate duplicate data entry by using the client information already entered into Estate‑a‑Base
  • Reduce both legal liability and estate trustee liability from outstanding creditors

For Estate-a-Base users looking for a quick introduction, learn the easy process to post a notice through the integration with this video or the NoticeConnect Quick Start Guide:

NoticeConnect September 17th from Do Process LP on Vimeo.