How Unity® Users’ Ideas Become Reality

At DoProcess, we keep in close contact with our customers to hear about their experiences and look for ways we can improve them. From its beginning, an essential part of our vision for Unity has been a commitment to continuously enhancing it with powerful functionality that meets its users’ needs. While we keep in touch with all of our customers, Unity users have a special tool to share their feedback and ideas.

The Unity Feedback & Ideas Portal is where Unity users can post ideas and suggestions for how we can improve Unity. As a Unity user, you can influence the future of Unity in the Feedback & Ideas Portal in three ways: More than 150 user ideas have been added to Unity!
  1. Post your ideas and suggestions using the Add a new idea button so other Unity users can see them and show their support for them.
  2. Comment on other people’s suggestions to add new details to their idea, explain why you think it’s important, or just show that you think it’s a great idea too!
  3. Upvoting ideas is the best way to show you agree with a suggestion and want to see it added to Unity. The posts with the most upvotes can quickly be seen in the Popular tab in the Portal.

The best way to show your support for a great idea is to upvote it! The Unity Products team monitors the Portal to see what great ideas are rising to the top so they can be reviewed for feasibility and then put into development. More than 150 ideas users submitted to the Portal have since been released in Unity! Here are just a few recent examples of suggestions from the Feedback & Ideas Portal that were upvoted by their peers and developed in Unity:

Post-closing address update
One user suggested automatically updating a client’s address to the post-closing address when they’re changing properties. In this month’s release, we included this suggestion so that when you mark a matter as closed, you will now receive a prompt asking if you’d like to update the contact record with the post-closing address.

Multi-client template production
A recent idea came from a legal professional who noted that separations are becoming more common. They suggested adding the ability to have two post-closing addresses on sale files. This great idea received many supportive comments and upvotes! We took that idea and expanded on it so that it applies to more than just sale files. Unity users can now easily produce individual documents in a multi-client scenario where the buyers or sellers are not currently at one single mailing address.

Matter linking
One of the most upvoted suggestions was to link matters when acting on behalf of both the buyer and the seller. This great timesaving functionality was added to Unity last month so that relevant data auto-populates over from one matter to a linked one. You can learn more about matter linking here.

Matter checklists
In March, another popular idea was added to Unity: Matter checklists. We didn’t stop at just including checklists, we made them even more powerful by giving you the ability to set reminders of upcoming tasks, customize checklists to suit your process, and assign tasks to clients through UnityC™. Read more about the best ways to use matter checklists to save time and deliver a great customer experience here.

Reorder items on the trust ledger
Every law office is different and has its own way of doing things. One Unity user asked for the ability to reorder items on the trust ledger because their office prefers to have the funds to client as the last line. Asked, upvoted, and delivered! We added Move Up and Move Down buttons to the trust ledger so you can easily reorder your expenses and receipts.

Have some ideas of your own to suggest? Head to the Feedback & Ideas Portal in the DP University (accessible through the open book icon in Unity) to post them and upvote others!

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