How Unity’s Matter Checklists Help You Work Faster and Stay Organized

At DoProcess, we’re constantly updating our products with new features and capabilities that help you deliver a superior client experience while increasing your efficiency. Recently, we added a new feature to Unity® that our customers have already told us they’re excited to start using – matter checklists.

Matter checklists are a list of tasks or work items that need to be tracked and completed on each matter. In Unity, we’ve created default checklists specially designed for purchase, sale, and mortgage matters that are now preloaded into new matters you open. The checklist has its own tab called Work Items on the Overview page. We’ve put the total number of tasks as well as the total number completed so far right in the tab name so you can see at a glance the progress you’re making.

So that’s what matter checklists are, but what’s the best way to use them so you benefit from their full potential for saving time and delivering a superior customer experience?

Stay organized with statuses
On the Work Items tab, all the individual tasks are organized into categories making it easy to keep track of related items. Keep the status of each task updated as work progresses by changing them from Not Started to In Progress, On Hold, or Completed. This way, anyone working on the matter will be able to quickly get up to speed on what’s already being taken care of and what still needs to be done.

Get reminders of upcoming tasks
You have the ability to assign a due date to each individual task on a matter’s checklist. They will then be added to your Events page so that you’re reminded of a task as its due date approaches.

Customize checklists to suit your needs
While we provide default checklists for purchase, sale, and mortgage matters, each client’s matter is a bit different and so you may want to adjust the tasks you need to complete. In Unity, you can edit any matter’s checklist by adding or deleting individual tasks or even whole categories. Even better, you can create custom checklists for each of your matter types, including custom matters! From the Admin Menu, you can create new checklists from scratch or copy an existing one and simply edit it to meet your office’s unique needs.

Assign tasks to clients
We often hear from legal professionals that a key challenge is the increasingly high expectations for speed and communication clients bring with them. Matter checklists help meet those expectations by providing clients a modern way they can stay involved with their file. With Unity and UnityC, you can assign specific tasks or a full category of tasks to your client. This will generate an email notifying your client that tasks are assigned to them for completion. They can then access their ‘to-do’ list, as well as any due dates you’ve set, through their personal UnityC page. This is a great way to collect customer information for forms while putting your customer in control of the speed with which they complete tasks necessary to move things along.

Ready to start using matter checklists to work more efficiently, deliver a superior customer experience, and stay organized? Sign up for a Matter Checklist Bootcamp webinar or check out the DP University for quick training videos!

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