Introducing UnityDrive: Unity’s Newest Free Companion Application

A few weeks ago, many Canadians booted up their computers to start off their work week and were immediately stuck when they discovered their internet was down. One of the large telecommunications companies had a major service outage that affected thousands of people across Canada. Internet outages are unpredictable but incredibly disruptive for any modern office that relies on cloud-based solutions and emails to get work done.

While we can’t help you send emails during an internet outage, we recently unveiled UnityDrive™ which enables you to keep working on matters while you wait for the internet to be restored. With UnityDrive, your files in Unity are synced directly from the cloud to your computer, providing you with local access to documents and files saved in Unity. You can access your files and keep working on them without the internet and when service is restored, they will automatically sync to the cloud ensuring you’re always working on the latest version.

Even on a normal day, UnityDrive saves you time as you work throughout the day. It reduces the time you need to spend managing files that are spread across your email, desktop programs, and Unity. Instead, you can simply save them into UnityDrive and they will be automatically synced into Unity. You can also edit documents directly in UnityDrive so that Unity does not time out if you stop to take a break.

UnityDrive has one more major benefit: it saves you money! Many offices subscribe to cloud storage solutions to handle their files and provide a backup in case something happens. UnityDrive has all the same functionality as the leading storage solutions but is already built into Unity’s transaction fee, meaning you can use it at no additional cost! You can see a comparison of Unity to two leading solutions here. By replacing an existing cloud storage application with UnityDrive, you can save money every month.

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