Introducing Unity’s New Opportunity Records

We regularly hear from our customers how challenging it can be to compete in the legal industry without resorting to slashing prices. One great way to win new business is by demonstrating the superior level of customer experience your office provides. This means empowering every member of your team to respond to a prospect’s inquiry, even if its their second or third call adding details. Unity’s newest feature, Opportunities, helps you accomplish this so you can build relationships with prospects and win their business by demonstrating your ability to provide a seamless, personalized experience. Let’s take a look at what Opportunity records are and how you can put them to work for you.

What are Opportunity records?
Opportunity records are where you can capture and store the information you collect while responding to referrals, requests for quotes, and other inquiries. You can add details such as contact information, notes, and documents to each Opportunity record. This way, everything related to that inquiry is well organized and easy to access by any Unity user, so everyone is prepared to take that call from a prospect following up with more information or questions. Once you’ve turned that prospect into a client, you can easily convert the Opportunity record into an active matter in Unity with all the information you’ve already provided.

Use Opportunity records for all types of business opportunities
Opportunity records are ideal for more than just capturing prospect information! You can create a record for any type of business opportunity you need to stay organized on, such as building a new partnership with another firm or organizing a community event. Opportunity records include Unity’s great checklist functionality where you can add tasks and assign them with deadlines to certain people to accomplish. This makes it easy for you to keep track of the progress on any type of opportunity, even those that won’t eventually become Unity matters.

How much does it cost to create an Opportunity record?
Nothing! Opportunity records are free to create and use. Create as many as you like for all kinds of opportunities. Only once you’ve converted an Opportunity into an active Unity matter does the standard transaction fee apply for that matter. The Opportunity record will still exist (and be marked Closed Converted) in case you want to create additional matters in the future using that same information. Any Unity matter you create using an Opportunity record will always be linked back to that matter.

Track your conversion rate
If you’re trying to grow your practice, it’s important to know how successful you are at converting referrals and quote requests into clients. Each Opportunity record is assigned a status– Open, Closed Converted, Closed Inactive, Quoted – and a source – Referral, Request for Quote, General Inquiry, Internally Identified. You can filter by status and source to see how many of your referrals in the past year were converted versus becoming inactive. This can help you pinpoint whether there’s a problem in your referral funnel so you can start to figure out how to correct it.

Learn how to use Unity’s powerful new Opportunity functionality in this video:

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