Link Matters to Save Time and Reduce Data-Entry Errors

Real estate law has always been a fast-paced environment, but with the recent surge in the housing market, it’s been busier than ever! When working on multiple matters with tight deadlines, even the best conveyancer can make small data-entry mistakes. We aim to help reduce the risk of those mistakes and save time by eliminating any need for duplicate data entry. Unity’s Matter Linking feature is just one more way we do that.

Many law firms act on both sides of a real estate matter, representing both the buyer and the seller. In the past, this meant opening individual matters for the buyer and seller and re-entering the same information in each one. Unity’s Matter Linking saves you a lot of time by eliminating this duplicate work.

Whether in a new matter or an existing one, you can initiate linked matters when you’re acting for the buyer and seller. This means that when you enter and save information in one matter, the relevant data will be auto-populated over into the other. For example, if you enter the buyer’s contact information into their matter, it will be automatically carried over into the seller’s matter as well.

Ready to get started? Watch the video below for a quick overview or you can find a guide on how to use Matter Linking on the DP University (accessible by clicking the open book icon in Unity).

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