Quick Shortcuts to Save Time in The Conveyancer

Over time, we stop even thinking about the keyboard shortcuts we rely on every day as they become second nature. When was the last time you clicked through menus to copy and paste a bit of text instead of using the handy CTRL+C/CTRL+V keyboard shortcut to accomplish the same thing in far less time?

At the start of this busy real estate season, we want to make sure you have the right tools to help you move through your day quickly. The Conveyancer® has its own keyboard shortcuts that can significantly reduce the time needed to perform a function. Here are a few of our customers’ favourites:

Mortgage terms date field
In Tab 2 of Topic G (Mortgage Terms), you can toggle the Maturity Date field to On Demand or change it back by pressing F8.

Date your Notes
In order to put a date stamp on any Notes in Topic K, press F9 in the beginning or end of the notes you enter.

Electronic mortgage processing menu
To easily access your electronic mortgage processing main menu, simply press CTRL+E. (Currently this shortcut is only available in Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick.)

Quickly select your preferred choice
In various spots in The Conveyancer, you can use the spacebar to toggle between available choices in a list until you land on the one you want.

Bonus tip! Find more shortcuts and hints in the blue text
You’ll find hints in blue text at the bottom of your screen as you work through a file. These help point out when you’re in a section that has an available shortcut using the F8 or F9 key.

For other ways to use The Conveyancer more efficiently, our Advanced Level Webinars are a great resource for experienced conveyancers. And don’t forget, you always have access to our online Help Centre or the ability to connect with our Customer Support Centre by emailing them at inquiries@doprocess.com or calling 1.866.367.7648.

We hope you find these tips helpful!