Six Quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Increase Mental Clarity

There are times when we’ve all got to work long, hard hours but during the busy real estate season, the problem isn’t getting through a couple of days, it’s fighting through several stressful months that are both physically and mentally exhausting.

Here at DoProcess, we discussed some of the simple yet highly effective tips we use to relieve pressure and help refocus the mind when we need to stay sharp. And the best part is, these little techniques don’t require serious lifestyle changes to see important benefits. So if you’d like to relieve some stress, feel free to give these a try. Mix and match and use whatever works for you personally, we think you’ll enjoy the results!

  1. Work in Short Intense Bursts
    Instead of putting your head down for hours before coming up for air, set a timer on your phone or computer for 30 – 45 minutes. When the alarm goes off, you step away from your work for five minutes. Go make a coffee, look out the window, take a bathroom break – do anything but work.

    You’ll recharge your mind and ability to focus which drains over time. This technique also lets your subconscious go to work on the problems plaguing you. If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night with a ‘Eureka!’ solution to a problem that had been giving you fits, you know exactly what we mean.

  2. A Little Legwork
    Take a brief, energetic walk. Simple? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

    Even if you are a normally active person, it is very easy to ignore exercise when you’re swamped. Physical activity as short as a 15 minute walk will activate stress-relieving endorphins and clear the mind. Try eating your lunch on a walk around the block or enlisting coworkers to join you in a walking meeting to share the benefits

  3. DIY Massage Time
    What you’ll need: A tennis ball… that’s it.

    Kick your shoes off, put the tennis ball under one foot and squeeze down while rolling the ball around on your sole – then switch to the other foot. It’s a simple little massage that feels great and takes zero brain power so you can get some physical relief while still concentrating on your work.

  4. Rise And Shine
    It isn’t for everyone, but some of the Do Process staff find getting up earlier than normal is a wonderful way to energize the mind and prepare for the day. When you’re already dealing with a heavy workload and stress at the office, a tough morning can ruin your mood before you’re even out the door. Setting your alarm early gives you the opportunity for some peace and solitude. Drink your morning coffee at home instead of from a travel mug, relax a bit and ease into the day so you can do the morning busywork without the usual pressure. Even twenty minutes of peace and quiet makes a big difference to how the rest of your day will go.
  5. Fade To White
    Noise can be one of the most disruptive elements of an office environment. When you’re stressed or trying to concentrate, conversations around you which are normally easy to brush off become very irritating.

    To take auditory distractions out of the equation, pop in some headphones and open up a ‘white noise’ generator. White noise is unobtrusive and calming, lowering stress levels and enabling you to stay focused even in loud, high-energy environments, such as a legal office during the busy season. One of our favourites is A Soft Murmur, which offers a collection of ambient noise patterns as well as the ability to customize individual components to whatever best helps you concentrate.

  6. Mindful Meditation
    The specific technique associated with mindful meditation offers great stress-relieving benefits without taking much time. Simply close your eyes and begin breathing in and out…deep regular breaths. Then, focus on your breathing. Think about nothing else – just your breathing – first in, then out. You’ll find your mind will shift away from your breathing occasionally when you first begin this exercise, but with some practice you’ll be able to forget all the external issues you are dealing with and have a few moments of total peace. Once you’re done, you’ll feel much calmer and ready to get back to work without the undercurrent of stress.