Six Ways to Stay Motivated During Peak Season

Anyone who works in real estate law knows that nicer weather brings a rush of work with it. Several months in, we’re all starting to feel a bit run down and it becomes harder to keep the momentum going all the way until things start to quiet down for the winter.

This time of year, the pressures busy season puts on legal professionals is a common topic of conversation with our customers. We often find ourselves discussing some variation of “how do you stay motivated and not burnout?” Here are a few ideas that came out of those conversations about how to motivate yourself and your whole team.

  1. Recognise the importance of what you do
    We all work harder and are more willing to go that extra mile when we can see the impact our actions will have. When you’re struggling to stay motivated, remind yourself of how impactful the things you do are to those around you, especially to your clients. For you, completing a real estate file might seem routine but to your client, you’re an essential part of finally getting their dream home. Make sure everyone you work with keeps that perspective as well. When we remember the people who are relying on our work, it can help us find the energy to keep pushing when busy season is tiring us out.
  1. Celebrate steps along the way
    You should absolutely celebrate the completion of a major goal or the end of busy season. However, when the goal you’re working towards is months in the making, it can be hard for people to keep their motivation and energy up the whole way through. Instead of waiting for the end, celebrate and acknowledge everyone’s hard work as you go. When you set smaller goals that together add up to a major success, it fosters a sense of achievement as the team meets goals more often. This also helps everyone understand the process involved in getting where you want to go.
  1. Play to the room
    We’re all a little different. An energetic, group pep talk can be hugely motivating for some people but for others a quiet one-on-one chat will do the trick. Take the time to notice what the people around you respond to and try to provide them with what they need to bring their energy up.
  1. Do the hardest tasks first
    Even if you’re not a morning person, most people are at their most productive in the first few hours of their workday. Take on the toughest parts of your job in the first 90 minutes of the day when you’re fresh and at your most resilient. Save routine operational tasks you could do in your sleep for late in the day when you’re naturally starting to slow down and lose motivation anyway.
  1. Make work-life balance a goal
    Busy season often means working longer hours than usual but it isn’t healthy or sustainable to keep doing that every day for months. Striking a good balance between your personal and professional lives minimizes burnout and keeps your productivity from suffering. If you’ve enjoyed your evenings and are well-rested, you’ll return to work each day refreshed and better able to handle busy periods or sudden issues without becoming frustrated.
  1. Treat yourself
    How great does it feel when someone does something nice for you, even if its just picking up coffee? Well you don’t have to wait for others to think of it, make it a habit to treat yourself now and then, whether as a reward for achieving a goal or when you need a quick pick-me-up. Plus there’s a huge additional benefit! A positive attitude can not only impact how you approach your work, it might also help you live longer.

We hope these strategies help you stay motivated and finish out the year strong!

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