Three Technology Practices Modern Law Offices Rely On

Law practices, working in an environment of increasing complexity and client expectations, are turning to technology for improved efficiency and productivity. As new legal tools are developed, it can be hard to determine which deliver value and which don’t.

Over the past few years, a set of proven technologies and best practices have become established as key to running an efficient real estate law practice.

Automation accuracy
Document automation is no longer an option. Firms need technology solutions that eliminate repetitive tasks, increase accuracy, and help them grow their business, all while decreasing the stress of matter management. Today’s automated solutions are sophisticated and easy to use.

Automating the production of forms and documents has become a baseline feature, so the best solutions offer a wealth of timesaving features on top of that. They are fully integrated with top tier industry partners providing access to all needed services, from title insurance to mortgage instructing, within a single location without reentering data. Additionally, they continually monitor the legal environment for changes to lender forms, legislation, and other documents so that users never have to worry about performing updates themselves. In the best automation software, powerful integrations are coupled with comprehensive data repositories to make completing complex matters quick and easy. When workflow is streamlined and predictable, firms can focus on scaling their business instead of wasting time managing multiple systems and keeping form templates up to date.

Taking security seriously
Data breaches are still in the news with shocking regularity. Legal practices know they need to upgrade their cybersecurity efforts including keeping up to date on privacy compliance and digital data protection standards.

Client data exclusively stored on local computers and on premise servers are deemed a business risk by a growing list of security experts. Doing so creates a risk in terms of protecting data privacy (who has access and how is it controlled) as well as the risk of physical loss or damage. Leading practices are steadily upgrading to cloud-based solutions that offer highly secure identity management, multi-layered disaster recovery protocols, and have dedicated experts working to deter hackers.

Increasingly, clients expect airtight security technology and are choosing law offices that demonstrate they take data security and privacy seriously.

The cloud – Always on, always available
Cloud-based services – solutions that are available on demand via the internet – continue to be popular with law firms seeking cost-savings and efficiency. It’s easy to see why. Cloud-based solutions offer anywhere, anytime access to the tools and data you rely on to run your business. All you need is a compatible computer hooked up to the internet, and you are ready to go. The cost of cloud services are predictable, come with professional support and backup all your data. The best cloud solutions are fast, have high availability (AKA are rarely down), and perhaps most importantly, are securely hosted in line with law society guidelines.

The next step in this evolution is the mobile office. With the rise of powerful mobile devices and high-speed connectivity, the cloud is empowering legal professionals to work with their preferred apps and solutions without being tied to an office.

Bringing it all together – Unity®
Technology is allowing legal practices to become more efficient with their valuable time. Cloud-based solutions provide reliable flexibility and security, while automated solutions increase productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks. Centralized databases allow for dynamic management of contacts and integrations with key service providers greatly speed up workflow. Modern practice management solutions like Unity bring together all these features and more.

With its roots in award-winning real estate practice management software, Unity has everything needed to run a practice in a single secure, web-based platform. Its automation features simplify buying and selling real estate and provides a single, unified view of your customers and your business. Unity helps you manage all your matters, documents, and workflow in one streamlined tool, including access to a variety of integrations with market leaders.

Explore how Unity can help your practice run more efficiently than ever