Three Timesaving Tricks for ProSuite™

The busy real estate season is just around the corner and we’re here to help you get ready with the right tools. ProSuite™ offers many timesaving features and knowing about them can help you move through your day quickly. Here are three of our customers’ favourite ProSuite tricks that help them save time on every file:

  1. Use integrations whenever possible.
    ProSuite’s integrations with tax certificates online, title insurers and mortgage lenders represent one of the best ways to work more efficiently. By accessing third party services directly within ProSuite, you can save valuable time through information sharing and not having to open a new program. For example, with just a few clicks, you can obtain a PDF of your tax certificate and have the tax data populate your ProSuite file. Also, by simply selecting your preferred title insurer from a dropdown menu and following the prompts, the information already entered into ProSuite will be used to populate the title insurance order screens.
  2. Optimize your File Matter settings.
    By optimizing your File Matter settings, you instruct ProSuite to use key shortcuts multiple times on each transaction which greatly reduces the time it takes to complete them. You can learn how to optimize your settings and the individual benefit each optimization provides in our full Tips & Tricks guide here.
  3. Correct the File Type without paying for a new title search.
    One of the common mistakes we hear about is opening a file as the incorrect File Type and only noticing after a title search has already been done. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for that which eliminates the cost of a second search on the file. Simply copy the file from the Main Menu tab, change the File Type and choose what information to duplicate.

Don’t forget about our online webinars! The Advanced Level Webinar is a great resource for experienced conveyancers looking to realize the full potential of ProSuite.