Top Tips for Getting the Most out of UnityPi

It’s never been more important to be productive when you are away from the office, or, for some, no longer in the office at all! Unity was built in the cloud to let you manage your practice and be productive from anywhere. But what if you are away from your computer and quickly need details about a matter, like a closing date or a party’s contact info? That’s exactly what UnityPi, Unity’s companion mobile app, is for. With a tap and scroll, UnityPi (short for Unity Practice Insights) lets you see everything that matters in a matter.

If you’re a Unity customer, you automatically get access to UnityPi; simply download it to your phone and start using the app. You can check your schedule and see what meetings and closings are coming up. Tap through to see all the important details about your current matters and even place a call or email anyone in your contacts right there in the app. And because UnityPi is connected to your Unity account, UnityPi gives you powerful insights into the health of your practice, including real-time charts and graphs showing which coworkers are assigned to which matters, vital stats on work volumes, and even helpful historical data.

So how are customers getting the most out of UnityPi? Here are the top UnityPi tips from new users and power users alike.

1. Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy…Blackberry? UnityPi is for every mobile user

It may sound obvious, but to get mobile access to everything that matters in matter, you need to download UnityPi to your phone. It’s easy, you can go here to enter your phone number in the box provided and we’ll text you a link to get started. You’ll also find detailed instructions for installing UnityPi there.

Interestingly, while UnityPi has been optimized to give the best experience on Apple iOS and Android devices (and so far is most popular on iPhones), we’ve heard rumours there are even a few Blackberry users out there enjoying it! The vision behind UnityPi was to make it as accessible and as effortless to use as possible. Once you start using UnityPi on your device (or devices), you’ll see how quickly it becomes an indispensable part of your day.

2. You don’t need to be a Unity pro to use UnityPi

Don’t really use Unity but want all the insights and benefits that come with UnityPi? No problem. One tip that surprised us is that you don’t actually need to be an every day Unity user to make UnityPi part of your day. UnityPi was designed with lots of different user types in mind, including the busy lawyer who may never use Unity on a computer.

UnityPi isn’t a “mobile version of Unity.” As its name implies, Unity Practice Insights is designed to give you instant access to a calendar of your events, matter details, contacts, and business intelligence about your practice while you are busy and on the go. There are office managers and partners who only use UnityPi and have never seen a Unity screen in their life.

Sound like you? Install UnityPi today and give it a test drive.

3. Power users log into UnityPi all day, every day

Power users make UnityPi an essential part of their day. It’s one of the first apps they check in the morning to see what their workload looks like and what’s coming up for the week. When you first log into UnityPi, you see a dashboard that gives you a quick summary of active closings and requisitions, a graphical forecast of closings, and an overview of matters and who is assigned to them. Throughout the workday, the most popular UnityPi screen is “Events”, where closings, requisitions, undertakings, and appointments can be seen in a summary view. From the Events screen, UnityPi pros are tapping through to specific matter details attached to their events – an efficient way to move through critical deal details while prepping for a meeting.

Remember, this is all being done on the fly, on your phone, wherever you happen to be. You don’t need to call the office or open your computer to learn the details about your next meeting. With UnityPi, you can review notes and documents, contacts, and information about all parties prior to (or during) a meeting, right from your phone.

There are other examples of how power users use UnityPi daily. One firm told us about how it’s indispensable to stay connected to the office while on bank runs and have important details right there in hand when doing transactions. Another takes it a step further and uses UnityPi to confirm what matter funds belong to when they see monies deposited into their bank account. The power of having access to this kind of information at your fingertips is a productivity game-changer for many.

4. Use UnityPi to plan like a pro

Law offices know what time of the year is busiest and how to resource accordingly (during a normal year at least). But what if you could see a quick graph showing you how many matters you’ve opened this year versus the same time last year? Or a forecast of closings for the months upcoming? UnityPi lets you make decisions about your business based on real data from your firm’s performance. It can help you better plan for the “new normal” by knowing ahead of time when your busy spots might be, and balance your time accordingly.

Speaking of balancing workloads, the other UnityPi planning feature office managers tell us they love is “the ability to see who is working on what.” With many of us now working remotely, it can be hard to know exactly who is tasked with what matter and its exact status. Dropping by someone’s desk or office for an update certainly isn’t as easy as it used to be. UnityPi solves that. With a tap, it can show you work allocations divided between clerks and lawyers and who might be getting a bit jammed up or who has some extra space. You can also tap through to see matter details and scroll through a list of what everyone is working on, easily identified by their initials. This lets you easily see if someone is still assigned a matter even though they’re off sick or have left the office. And because all these insights are on your phone, you can get a sense of everything going on “at the office” when you are out of the office and on the go.

5. Start conversations right from UnityPi

Because UnityPi is connected to your Unity account, it knows the names of all involved parties for every matter including clients, solicitors, and clerks. One tap of the Matter Detail button shows you an overview of everyone involved. From this screen you can send an email or place a phone call to anyone involved without ever leaving UnityPi. There’s also a handy Notes tab in each matter screen where you can jot down pertinent details or read notes left there for you by your coworkers.

If you already know the name of the contact you want to reach out to, you can hit the Contacts button and all of your Unity contacts (including titles, phone numbers and email addresses) are prepopulated and ready to use. No more hunting through your emails to find who you are looking for!

These tips should help you get started with UnityPi. It offers simple, one-tap mobile access to everything that matters in a matter. It lets you quickly plan your day and your week; easily see who is working on what; gives you actionable insights into how your practice is running, and keeps you in contact with every party involved in a matter. Power users use UnityPi all day, but you don’t need to be a Unity pro to use UnityPi to stay on top of your business.

Not using UnityPi yet? It’s available free of charge to everyone but has the most benefits for Unity users. Download it to your phone and give it a try today.

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