Unity® is the faster, modern upgrade to The Conveyancer®

With its roots in Canada’s original award-winning real estate practice management software, Unity is a powerful web-based platform purpose-built to help your practice speed through real estate files. Unity will be replacing The Conveyancer as it retires.

Unity includes everything you already know about The Conveyancer and adds a host of new timesaving features. Unity’s organization and layout of screens are designed to mirror The Conveyancer so that the thousands of legal professionals who have relied on it for years will be quickly familiar with Unity. Because Unity is securely hosted on the cloud, all you need for access is a computer connected to the internet, your login credentials, and a compatible browser.

Everything in one place – always up to date

Unity unifies everything you need to run your business in one completely secure, online platform. For starters, all your existing client contact data, master templates, letterheads, and default configurations will be automatically moved to Unity, ready and waiting for you. All our comprehensive market leading integrations – like title insurance, mortgage instructing, accounting software, and land registrations – are also available right within Unity so you can do everything in one place.

Unity builds on that foundation with new global databases full of the contacts you use daily such as jurisdictions, mortgagees, and brokers among others. Even better, those global databases are continually updated and verified through the power of crowdsourcing. Unity harnesses the power of more than 15,000 legal professionals to keep those databases up to date with information critical to running your practice. This creates huge efficiency gains for you as it reduces or completely eliminates the time needed to make updates.

Unity’s streamlined workflow lets you focus on adding value to every client interaction instead of managing systems and manually keeping templates up to date.

Even more powerful automation

DoProcess solutions have always helped legal offices save time by eliminating repetitive data entry and routine tasks while improving accuracy. Unity builds on that legacy with a range of new productivity features:

  • Dynamic search allows you to populate a matter with bank, jurisdiction, broker, and contact information instantly.
  • The automated Canada Post look-up suggests full addresses as you type.
  • Real-time warnings and error messages help you correct mistakes before you produce your documents.
  • Produce multiple lending forms at once from an extensive library of lender documents.
  • The status of your E-Reg forms is updated right in Unity, letting you know when forms are ready to be created.

With Unity, complex matters are completed quicker than ever.

Serious data security

DoProcess takes the protection of your data very seriously, and Unity was designed from the ground up with security in mind. Built on bank-grade technology, Unity uses all the modern security standards you would expect, and probably several you wouldn’t.

  • Two Step Verification provides an extra layer of identity confirmation and protection.
  • All data sent to and from Unity is encrypted for secure transmission using 256bit SSL encryption.
  • Your information is hosted on dedicated, DoProcess owned servers, and all Unity data resides in Canada.
  • You retain 100% ownership of the data you enter in Unity and can request a copy of that data at any time.
  • Access Rights Profiles give you full control over who in your office can access sensitive information.

Your firm and your client data have never been more secure.

Unity, designed by you!

Since 1989, DoProcess has committed to delivering solutions that streamline how you run your practice. Putting our customers first has made us the #1 practice specific software solution provider for Canadian real estate legal professionals. We listen carefully to your suggestions and ensure those ideas make their way into our products – Unity is no exception.

Every feature in Unity, from its cloud-based design to its timesaving features, is based on your feedback. The result? An intuitive legal practice management platform that will help you speed through your day even faster than you already do with The Conveyancer. Unity is the next step in bringing the whole legal ecosystem to your fingertips.

Learn even more about Unity. Visit Welcome to Unity now!