Unity: Work From Anywhere and Still Exceed Customer Expectations

Unity®, the modern cloud-based practice management platform, has become an indispensable tool for practices looking to meet increasing demands while offering workplace flexibility during these unprecedented times.

The vision for Unity was simple: use the power of the cloud to let real estate practitioners securely manage their practice with a single, unified, web application. But as we started developing Unity (using the award-winning functionality of The Conveyancer® as a foundation), a host of additional benefits began to emerge.

Firms can work on multiple matters and produce forms simultaneously. Automations and integrations with industry-leading partners mean you can “stay in Unity” without needing to navigate elsewhere to get the information you need. With Unity, you spend far less time managing software and updates, decrease IT costs, and have the confidence that firm and client data is secure and protected from disaster.

Most importantly, given our current reality, is that since Unity is cloud-based, you can work from anywhere you want. This is no small thing. The need to be productive and get work done from home has never been more critical. However, even in a pandemic, the work being done by legal professionals is still demanding, and clients continue to have extremely high expectations. There is a constant “need for speed” and a desire for instant answers and instant action. Unity, its new companion mobile app UnityPi™, and the new cloud collaboration tool UnityC™ – can help with all of that. Let’s take a look in detail at the efficiencies each has to offer.

Getting it done with Unity

Unity is a modern, web-based practice management platform. Using a compatible browser, you log in, authenticate, and get to the task at hand. If you are moving to Unity from The Conveyancer, all of your client contacts, master templates, default configurations, and other data automatically move over and are ready to use.

Based on best practices, Unity makes optimum use of screen space and lets you work on up to ten matters simultaneously. It takes a little time to discover all that Unity has to offer, but once you’ve taken training and watched some videos, you’ll be moving through matters faster than ever.

Speaking of speed, we are continually making improvements to increase performance, optimize workflow, and add new functionality. These updates happen seamlessly in the background.

One of the key ways Unity increases your efficiency is that it brings together all the data and integrations you need to get deals done in a single location. Global databases contain the contacts you use daily, along with instant access to mortgagees, brokers, insurance brokers, other law firms and more. The power behind this “global” database is that it’s constantly being updated by thousands of other Unity users (and verified by experts at DoProcess), so records stay current and are ready to be used when you need them.

Dynamic search lets you search by name, address, or postal code and then add that information to a matter without ever leaving Unity. And because Unity uses automatic Canada Post look-up technology, suggestions pop-up as you type an address so you can be sure of its accuracy. While you are populating forms, there are real-time warnings. These let you know if there might be errors that you can fix on the spot and avoid the pain of finding mistakes after you have produced your documents. All these small features add up to significant efficiency gains throughout your day.

Similar to having instant access to a wide range of contacts, the key providers you need to complete your matters are available right in Unity through our industry-leading integrations. From title insurers and mortgage instruction, to land registry and accounting systems, your existing third-party credentials are transferred to Unity so you can begin using these services right away.

Getting it done from anywhere with Unity

Unity is securely hosted in the cloud. When you launch your browser and start working, all the data moving back and forth is encrypted to ensure its security. Indeed, the safety and security of your data are central to Unity’s design. The servers that host Unity are owned exclusively by DoProcess and are located in Canada at high-security facilities. Your data is backed up regularly so you can recover from any accident or disaster. And to make sure it’s really you who is logging in, Unity uses two-factor (or two-step) authentication for extra security.

Which now brings us to the best part about Unity being a web-based application. Because Unity “lives in the cloud,” it’s accessible from anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to a modern computer and internet connection, you can launch a compatible browser and get going. This means you can begin work at the office and pick up where you left off at home later in the day. Or, if you need to quickly check the status of a file or update something that popped into your head, you can do that from wherever you are. Most importantly, given current events, you can do your full workday – beginning-to-end – from the comfort of your home office. There is zero difference between using Unity at the office and using Unity to work from home.

UnityPi: Connected to the office, when you’re out of the office

UnityPi is Unity’s new mobile companion app that lets you quickly see everything that matters in a matter. Available now exclusively for Unity customers at no additional cost, UnityPi works on your Apple or Android phone. It’s yet another way to keep productive while you are working at home, or are simply away from your computer.

UnityPi brings all the essentials to your fingertips. You can check your schedule and plan your day. Keep track of matter details by seeing important client and property information at a glance. Seamlessly call or email any of your contacts right from within the app. And because UnityPi is powered by Unity, it gives you powerful insights into the health of your practice, including real-time charts and graphs showing who is working on what and how things compare to this time last year. With UnityPi in your pocket, you are never more than a tap away from the most important information.

UnityC: Connecting law offices, clients, and stakeholders

Building on the use-it-from-anywhere thinking of Unity and UnityPi is UnityC. UnityC is a new, secure, timesaving way to serve your customers better – while collaborating with other legal professionals. Built on the same high-security backbone as both Unity and UnityPi, UnityC is about saving everyone time.

UnityC simplifies every step of client intake with automated communications and online document completion. You can share documents with your clients and seamlessly collaborate with other professionals involved in completing matters. At its heart is a cloud-based document management system that replaces email exchanges, phone calls, and endlessly searching for attachments. A real-time dashboard lets you view the status of critical documents and access everything in one place.

Finally, UnityC helps you grow your business. Its built-in referral engine makes it easy for stakeholders to refer clients to you. Those referrals show up, ready to be actioned, in your dashboard, just like everything else. With UnityC, you are never more than a few clicks away from the information you need – available in real-time – from wherever you might be working.

Taking advantage of everything Unity has to offer

There is one last consideration. On top of today’s need to be productive from anywhere is the complexity of an increasingly competitive landscape. Deals are moving faster than ever, and there are demands – at every step in any legal process – for things to move more quickly. Many clients bring with them the expectation that they can access information about their matter instantly and act on it. Unity is here to help with that. No matter what time a client comes looking for information, you’ll have the tools to pull up their details and give them an update. Furthermore, Unity was purpose-built to help you seamlessly execute multiple matters all in one application. Once you get comfortable with the modern screen layout, global databases, partner integrations, and dynamic look-up, you may wonder how you did it all before.

Competing priorities and compressed timelines won’t go away, and workplace flexibility has become a necessity, not an option. With Unity, you can expertly and accurately do your work from anywhere. If you need a quick status update on a matter or access to a contact, UnityPi is right there at your fingertips. If you need to securely share documents and see their completion status, UnityC can do that. Using Unity, UnityPi, and UnityC can help you stay productive during these challenging times and meet client and partner expectations – all from the safety of your home office.

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