Unity’s Journey of Constant Innovation and Improvements

Less than two years ago, Unity® was launched to a select group of 10 “beta tester” firms. Since then, Unity has gone from strength to strength as it is continuously improved and enhanced. Today, more than 1500 firms Canada-wide use the secure, modern, cloud-based practice management platform as the backbone of their practice. Day in and day out, they use Unity to streamline operations, increase overall efficiency and, most importantly, given the current environment, work remotely.

Just a few weeks ago, Unity users told us that they find Unity “much faster than The Conveyancer.” That is thanks to Unity’s more fluid design and the enhancements that are continuously happening in the background.

Since September 2018, when Unity was first launched to that select early group of customers, we have made performance and functionality updates to Unity every three months. Those upgrades have improved speed and stability while also adding new features that have become critical to how firms operate today.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the key enhancements to your Unity experience, and explore what these new features mean to you and your business.

The Unity plan: Constant innovation

The vision for Unity dates back more than five years. We set out to build on our position as the leading technology provider to Canadian law firms by unifying all the services along the legal transaction value chain into a single, modern practice management platform. An essential part of that vision is a commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. This means that Unity’s evolution has followed a strategic roadmap where new features are being consistently rolled out – all while existing features are continuously refined. And we’re always listening to our customers. Tips and fixes suggested by Unity users make their way into regular updates, as do ideas for new Unity features.

Unity enhanced

Just in the past year, we covered tips for a smooth move to Unity, the benefits of the platform’s cloud-based operation, and the do-it-from anywhere convenience that makes Unity so vital today. In all these posts, there is a common theme – Unity is continually improving. This year alone, there have already been four updates (a.k.a. releases) packed with improvements.

These updates include instant improvements like the ability to change the font size on data entry screens or changing the way error messages “pop-up” (they are less intrusive now). Similarly, shortening the time it takes to save matters and adding the ability to drag and drop documents right into a matter are examples of tweaks that have increased the speed with which you move through Unity. These might seem like small things, but these improvements add up and make a big difference to the efficiency of your day.

And these are just the improvements you can see in the Unity application. In the background, we are continually adding processing and storage capacity to ensure Unity runs even smoother and faster while keeping your data safer than ever.

UnityC: Saving everyone a lot of time 

Also launched in April was UnityC, the secure collaboration portal that enables a host of information sharing between law offices, their clients as well as other legal professionals and stakeholders.

Featuring automated communications, client intake, online document sharing, a powerful lead generation tool, and a real-time dashboard – UnityC replaces endless email exchanges, phone calls, and searching for attachments when working on a matter. And it’s available right in Unity.

UnityC simplifies every step of client intake with an automated, online document completion process. Documents are securely shared with your clients and other professionals involved in completing matters. UnityC’s cloud-based document management system replaces email exchanges, phone calls and searching for attachments, giving you confidence that details are verified, correct, and ready to use. And it’s never been easier to get referrals. Using UnityC, stakeholders can submit ready-to-action referrals that show up right in Unity and can be easily made into active matters.

And just like Unity, UnityC is on a path of continuous improvement. It’s already received two updates since its launch, which included extensive administrative functionality updates and the ability for Unity users to send messages to one another right inside UnityC. It has also received improvements to the client intake experience and fixes for sending requests through various webmail systems, and the enhancements will keep coming.

UnityPi: Mobile matters

Perhaps one of the most exciting enhancements to launch this year is Unity’s mobile companion app, UnityPi. Available for your Apple or Android phone, UnityPi (short for Unity Practice Insights) lets you keep track of all things Unity when you are away from your computer. You can check your schedule and plan your day, quickly look in on matters details, and even email contacts right there in the app.

The “insights” part of UnityPi is its ability to serve up real-time data about your practice in the form of charts and graphs. These help you assess the health of your practice by showing key data such as who is working on what and how things compare to the same time in previous years. And just like the core Unity platform, UnityPi receives regular updates. For instance, a new handy “widget” called the Transaction Portfolio has just been added that graphically shows all the matters you have opened year to date across all your DoProcess applications. Additionally, the ability to filter events by type and view special comments to matter details right from your phone has just been rolled out. It’s a constant evolution, so expect more mobile productivity features to come!

Unity: Our commitment to your success

At DoProcess, we’re committed to your success and strive to continuously improve our products and services. That is what drives our commitment to provide ongoing enhancements that improve your experience with Unity. You can be confident Unity will continue to go from strength to strength now and into the future.

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