Virtual Minute Books are now in Fast Company

We regularly connect with our customers to hear what enhancements and changes you’d like to see in our applications. A common request from Fast Company® users was to provide Virtual Minute Books. You asked, so we’re delivering! Virtual Minute Books are now available for free right within Fast Company.

Virtual Minute Books will help you work even more efficiently and cost-effectively in a variety of ways:

Save money
Virtual Minute Books enable your clients to independently view, download, or print desired documents as needed without couriering physical copies back and forth. You can also reduce or even eliminate costly physical Minute Book storage costs and repurpose that expensive office space for activities that increase your income. Best of all, you never have to worry about Minute Books being damaged, lost or stolen. Virtual Minute Books can be recovered virtually – instantly and without administrative effort.

“As a virtual corporate law clerk, Fast Company’s new Virtual Minute Book feature makes it easy for me to create, manage, and share virtual minute books. It is user-friendly, saves me time, and allows me to provide a value-added service to the lawyers I work for.”
Christine McLeod-Richards
Corporate Law Clerk
Save time
There’s no predicting what time of the day a client might need your help with something. With a Virtual Minute Book, they no longer need to disrupt your evenings or weekends to access documents. You, and your clients, have access to any document you’ve uploaded right when you need it. No more wasted time heading to the office to locate the physical copy and find the right document.

Completely secure and in your control
Although we all use emails every day, the reality is that they aren’t too secure. Fast Company sends Virtual Minute Books through UnityC, a fully secure option for sharing documents. Built from the ground up with security in mind, UnityC uses bank-grade access protocols, high-security cloud hosting infrastructure, and encrypted data transmission to keep your documents safe every step of the way so you no longer need to rely on risky emails.

You can also control access rights to specific documents with each Virtual Minute Book. This way, you can quickly and easily designate only the relevant documents to each party such as accountants and bankers.

Get started today! You can learn how to use Fast Company’s free Virtual Minute Books functionality with this series of quick training videos.