Your Top 6 ‘How To’ Questions about The Conveyancer®

We know you work hard every day to provide a top-notch experience for your clients. It’s important to use the right tools so you can work more efficiently. We do our best to make our software as user friendly as possible, but we still get questions sometimes. And when we do, our Customer Service Centre is always ready to help. That’s why customers have rated their satisfaction level with our customer service at 98.6%!

To keep you moving through your day without missing a beat, here are some of the most common questions we receive about The Conveyancer® and their answers:

  1. How do I add or delete a username to the system?
    Updating the list of usernames is a very common situation for law offices as staff come and go or change their names. Adding or deleting usernames is a very simple process that will take less than five minutes out of your day. Here’s how.
  2. How do I add or change my letterhead?
    The Conveyancer makes it easy to modify your letterhead for printing so you don’t have to change each individual master document. Learn how here.
  3. How do I edit a master document?
    Not thrilled with the wording used in a document? Need to add a paragraph to a document to always show when produced? Master documents are one of the most important tools you have and they’re easy to adjust in The Conveyancer with these five simple steps.
  4. What are my Title Insurance options?
    You can order title insurance directly from The Conveyancer from one of our many market leading partners in most provinces including Stewart Title, FCT and Chicago Title. You can check which providers are available by selecting your province from the dropdown menu here and going to the Partners tab.
  5. How do I upgrade my program?
    We regularly add new product enhancements and update lender forms, letterheads and master documents that you rely on. To ensure you’re using the most current version of The Conveyancer with access to the latest improvements, follow these instructions.
  6. How do I schedule training on The Conveyancer®?
    We want to provide you every opportunity to learn about and maximize the use of your software. You can register for online webinars ranging from introductory to advanced levels in our Training Calendar or you can reach out to your local Customer Success Manager to book one-on-one training.

Our Help Centre is your home base for any resources you might need or questions you might have. It’s easy to find: in the top right corner of our website or through the Customer Resource Centre link in your Do Process program. If you’re still scratching your head, contact our Customer Service Centre at 1.866.367.7648 or email them at