Citrix FAQs

The Conveyancer on Citrix will be shut down in January 2020.

DoProcess now provides Unity®, a full service web-based real estate platform that replaces The Conveyancer. Transitioning to Unity will allow you to take advantage of the remote access benefits of Citrix while also providing many new timesaving features.

The Conveyancer on Citrix is being shut down in January 2020 to coincide with Microsoft’s end of support for Windows Server 2008 on which the Citrix servers are hosted.

This shutdown means that your firm will no longer be able to access The Conveyancer or your records in the Citrix environment.

During your migration to Unity, there is a four-week period when you can create records in either Unity or The Conveyancer. After that four-week period, you will no longer be able to create new records in The Conveyancer.

To ensure you can continue to access and maintain existing records, we will help you transfer The Conveyancer folder from the Citrix server to a folder in your environment.

Once The Conveyancer folder has been moved to your environment, you will be able to access and maintain transaction records previously created in Citrix.

No. Records created in any version of The Conveyancer cannot be imported into Unity.

A DoProcess agent will contact you to arrange a convenient time to start the transfer and will assist you with the transfer.

The transfer is initiated from the Windows Explorer in your Citrix environment:

The transfer is initiated from the Windows Explorer in your Citrix environment as pictured

Then the W:\TCWIN folder is copied to the location on the drive that you specify:

Then the W:\TCWIN folder is copied to the location on the drive that you specify as pictured

  • If The Conveyancer is already installed on your C: drive (i.e. as C:\tcwin), you should not copy the folder from Citrix (W:\tcwin) to the C:\tcwin drive or you will overwrite older records.
  • If you copy the W:\TCWIN folder in Citrix to the W: drive in your network, you will not have to update the User Setup for each user.

The time required to transfer the TCWIN folder depends on the connection speed of your computer and the size of your data folder. The DoProcess agent will tell you the size of your TCWIN folder and how much disk space you will need in your local folder.

You will need to be able to access The Conveyancer on Citrix from the computer where you will be doing the transfer to the local or network folder. This is the computer where the Citrix receiver was installed.

The transfer is performed over an Internet connection. For this connection, it is strongly recommended that you use a cable instead of Wi-Fi so the transfer will run faster.

No. You should not work in The Conveyancer on Citrix during the transfer.

Yes, you can work in other applications during the transfer but they will operate more slowly than usual.

You can continue working in these records once your Conveyancer on Citrix folder is transferred to your local folder. Alternatively, you can generate a list, create the records in Unity, send the list in an Excel spreadsheet that includes the original record number and order number to DoProcess, and request a credit.

Once the transfer is complete, contact the DoProcess agent at 1-866-367-7648 or The agent will then validate The Conveyancer in its new location, upgrade the application, and check if the User Setup needs to be updated for each user.

Yes, if you are comfortable with doing the transfer on your own, please go ahead. However, once it is completed you will still have to call a DoProcess agent to validate the application and inform us that the process has been completed.