Moving to Unity FAQs

We want to share with you the answers to some of the most common questions that customers have been asking.

1. Why have you made such a significant price increase?

This year has been pivotal for us, as it likely has been for you too. The real estate market has been busy, putting increased demand on real estate professionals and technology infrastructure. At Dye & Durham, we are continuously looking for ways to evolve and provide more value and faster services to our customers. This price adjustment reflects the considerable investments made by Dye & Durham to develop powerful legal technology solutions for the Canadian market.

With the addition of DoProcess’ solutions to Dye & Durham, we are excited to offer you the option to move to Unity, Canada’s most advanced and reliable practice management and conveyancing solution for the same price of $99, giving you tools and capabilities to satisfy the evolving expectations of your practice and your clients.

If you are not familiar with Unity, see what new features are available to you by moving to Unity, hassle-free.


UnityC™, your secure connection between clients, legal professionals and other stakeholders

UnityPi™, the mobile companion app for Unity provides easy access to matter details, contacts, and more

UnityDrive™, companion application syncs Unity files directly from the cloud to your computer for quick, local access

Bank-grade security with full control over user access rights

Unity Performance Standard: Industry leading uptime and performance with 24/7 visibility

Two-factor Authentication: Increase account security normally provided by passwords only

See what else Dye & Durham’s Unity has in the works at

2. What integrations does Unity have for Alberta legal professionals?

Unity comes with a powerful network of industry-leading service providers. It includes integrations for title insurance, electronic mortgage processing, the land title registry, and accounting integrations.

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3. Do I have to move Unity?

No, we are not forcing you to move to Unity. If you enjoy using econveyance, you may continue using the platform as you have been.

We do recommend you learn about Unity to see if the move is right for you. The pandemic changed the way we work drastically, and technology is more important than it ever has been. Taking advantage of the features Unity has to offer will ensure a secure and modern conveyancing experience for you and your clients, at no extra cost. If you are unsure if switching is right for you, speak to our team at DoProcess to learn more about Unity and the simplified transition process. Schedule a call with Shannon Rasmussen, Senior Account Executive, through this contact form or by email at


4. How do I move to Unity?

Moving to Unity is simple. To help streamline the process, we are providing a dedicated team to assist any econveyance customers who wish to move to Unity, now, or at a more convenient time in the future. Schedule a call with Shannon Rasmussen, Senior Account Executive, through this contact form or by email at


5. What is the incentive to move to Unity before December 31st, 2021?

Please schedule a call with Shannon Rasmussen, Senior Account Executive, through this contact form or by email at for more information about the one-time incentive offer.