See How Unity®

Unity’s Powerful Benefits - Not all software solutions are created equal. Unity’s premium platform provides legal professionals advanced functionality you won’t find anywhere else. It includes timesaving document production tools as well as a series of powerful practice management tools and new features unique to Unity’s fully integrated web-based platform.

When choosing a conveyancing application or considering switching providers, be sure these important benefits are available:

Partner Integrations


Title insurance integrations with Stewart Title, FCT, and Chicago Title

Electronic mortgage instructing integrations from all major Canadian banks and the most popular trust companies

LTT forms and lender forms from 425 different lenders that are continually updated 

Land title registry integration

Export/Import data from leading accounting software

Virtual meeting integrations with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet

New Innovations & Timesaving Features

Holdback management: Track and manage holdbacks easily

Customized reports: Get exactly the information you need

Global contact databases: Continually updated, always available

Matter linking allows you to share information across matters when acting on behalf of both the purchaser and seller

Custom matter management including matter types, tracking, and document storage

UnityDrive™, companion application syncs Unity files directly from the cloud to your computer for quick, local access

UnityPi™, the mobile companion app for Unity provides easy access to matter details, contacts, and more

UnityC™, your secure portal with your branding enabling:

  • Secure document sharing

  • Client information intake form

  • Referral management and information collection

  • Customizable email templates and directions to intake form

Best in Class Secure Technology

Cloud-based and compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer

Bank-grade security with full control over user access rights

Two-factor Authentication: Increase account security normally provided by passwords only

Unparalleled Support

Document customization: Complimentary and ongoing

Unity Performance Standard: Industry leading uptime and performance with 24/7 visibility 

Highly available, high quality customer support

Complimentary live training webinars

DoProcess University: Complimentary online self-paced training