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Unity’s range of powerful tools offers the best in practice management and online conveyancing, helping you run your law office more efficiently than ever before

Unity: Powerful Practice Management & Conveyancing

The Conveyancer has been the gold standard in conveyancing for the past 30 years and that’s why we made it the foundation for Unity, our premium matter management and conveyancing platform. Unity retains the timesaving features that made The Conveyancer so valuable to Canadian legal professionals including:

  • Access to a network of industry-leading partners including title insurers, mortgage instructing providers, land title registries, and other services directly within Unity

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  • Automatically create a virtual meeting room when setting up an appointment in your Unity matter using the video conferencing program of your choice

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  • Automate virtually all documentation required to complete purchase, sale and mortgage transactions

  • Complimentary document customization

  • Complimentary training webinars with your local Senior Account Executive, a former legal professional who understands your needs

Unity also builds on The Conveyancer with a host of new benefits and functionality that help you get through your day faster and easier than ever.

Work Faster & More Accurately

Holdback Management

Track and manage any type of holdback associated with your real estate matters. Create Event reminders, manage full and partial releases, and run reports of matters with holdbacks outstanding.

Global Contact Databases

All the contacts you use daily, including jurisdictions, mortgagees, and brokers, right at your fingertips and continually updated. Learn more here.

Canada Post AddressComplete Integration

As you start typing, Unity accurately displays addresses and postal codes with information from Canada Post AddressComplete to populate your matters.

Matter Overview

See all the critical information about a matter in one location for quick reference.

Matter Checklists

Create checklist templates for any matter type and assign tasks to your client through UnityC. See at a glance what has been completed and what is still outstanding.

Matter Linking

Initiate linked matters when acting for both the Seller and the Buyer in either a new matter or an existing matter. Common information saved to either of the linked matters will auto-populate in the other.

Construction/Draw Mortgage Capabilities

Manage multiple mortgage advances along with construction lien holdbacks and completions dates right within a matter.

Multiple Document Profiles

A document profile can be assigned to each matter, so no logging in as a different user to access a different set of documents.

Customizable CIRF & Share Email Templates

Set up email templates to clients or other stakeholders that you can quickly use from within a matter.

Manage Your Workload & Your Practice


UnityC is the most secure way to share documents with every party involved in a matter. Plus it includes valuable tools such as an automated client intake portal and referral engine. Learn more here.


Access and manage the documents for your Unity files from your desktop without having to open Unity. All your files are synced directly from the cloud to your computer, saving you time and enabling offline work. Learn more here.


Unity’s free companion app gives you on-the-go access to everything you need to be productive outside the office and make informed decisions for your practice’s future. Learn more here.

Custom Matter Types

Create your own matter types, upload and store documents, manage your client contacts and track critical dates in one application.

Enhanced Custom

Create and pull reports that include any information within a matter to gain insights into your matters and practice.

Control Access Rights

Keep client information safe and secure with features like user access rights and matter access profiles to control who has access to what information.

Advanced Filtering

Quickly and easily identify matters that are flagged as requiring attention or have outstanding tasks.

The Unity Performance Standard

We work ceaselessly to ensure you enjoy consistent, uninterrupted service and industry-leading uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is the Unity Performance Standard we make to our customers. We are completely transparent and publish monthly reporting on how well we’ve lived up to our performance standard here.

You can also see a real-time Unity system status at any time here.

1 million

matters saved a month


documents created a day


daily customer logins

Exceed Customer Expectations

4 seconds

average matter save time
Q4 2020


average Unity uptime
Q4 2020

1 week or less

turn-around time for 94%
of document customization requests

  • Speed and efficiency help you deliver superior customer service

  • All your data is in one location, accessible from anywhere, so you can easily respond to customer requests at any time

  • Mitigate risk by eliminating simple mistakes and data entry errors

  • Get it all done in one place with market-leading integrations that give you direct access to our partnership network

Work More Securely

Best in Class Security

To keep your client information safe and secure, Unity is built on bank-grade security including:

  • Two-step verification

  • Encrypted data storage and transmission

  • You control access to specific areas of Unity for different users

  • You retain 100% ownership of the data you enter in Unity

Take a detailed look at Unity's security features here

Helping our Customers Succeed

2020 At A Glance

Since 1989, DoProcess has focused exclusively on serving the Canadian legal community. That’s why in the past two years alone, we’ve invested over $50 million to support our customers. Along with the launch of Unity, the industry’s most powerful conveyancing and practice management platform, here are some of the key highlights of how we are supporting your practice so you can serve your clients better than ever before.

  • Customer Service team supported over 65,000 customer calls, with a service satisfaction rating of 97%.

  • Sales and Customer Success Team provided one-on-one support for over 15,000 customer requests, including customized training and unique firm solutions.

  • Customized more than 14,000 individual documents (letterheads, master documents), all at no extra charge to the customer.

  • Updated thousands of lender forms from 425 different lenders and already have 7,200 lender forms available in Unity.

  • We hired a newly created team of trainers ready to help customers get the most of their Unity investment. We have already conducted 900 live webinars to ensure customers take advantage of Unity’s time-saving features. Take a closer look here:

  • We hired a newly created Deployment team to help customers make the transition from The Conveyancer to Unity.

  • To effectively support our growing customer community, we expanded our services and hired additional team members across all functional areas. In total we hired 60 more people in the past two years, and now have 142 people dedicated to supporting DoProcess customers.

The DoProcess Experience

For over 30 years, DoProcess has been helping legal professionals with innovative solutions that streamline the practice of law and enable practitioners to better serve their clients. Today, over 16,000 legal professionals across Canada rely on DoProcess applications to complete over 1.5 million transactions annually. We are committed to providing you with an excellent experience with best in class solutions and support.

  • First-class Customer Service Centre handles more than 65,000 customer requests per year and has a 97% customer satisfaction score

  • Online Help Centre to provide support and troubleshooting resources 24/7

  • A dedicated Senior Account Executive who is your firm’s contact for any needs

  • Every year, we update thousands of master documents, letterheads, and lender forms for law offices, all at no additional cost

  • Complimentary training resources and webinars for all our products and services

  • Legal professionals regularly join the DoProcess team in various roles including in customer support and training, document customization, and product development, among others. They bring their deep understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges to teams throughout DoProcess to help create better experiences and solutions.