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We are committed to continuously improving your experience with Unity®. We rely heavily on customer feedback and requests to help guide our plans to ensure we are delivering the enhancements that matter most to you.

Delivered in 2021

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Automatically create a virtual meeting room when setting up an appointment in your Unity matter using the video conferencing program of your choice*.

*We are currently working on integrations with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meets.

Automated Notifications 1.0
Use default settings, or configure your own, to have Unity automatically send status updates to specific parties when a matter is marked as opened and again when it is marked as closed.


Access and manage the documents for your Unity files from your desktop without having to open Unity. All your files are synced directly from the cloud to your computer, saving you time and enabling offline work.

Multiple Statements of Account

In your configuration settings, set up multiple different Statement of Account templates that can be selected to pre-populate fees and disbursements on your matters.

In your Unity matter, create more than one Statement of Account for the matter.

Matter Checklists

Create checklist templates for any matter type and leverage those checklists to keep track of tasks within a matter. Categorize tasks into different groupings for each stage of a deal. Customize the matter checklist to add tasks applicable only to that matter, or remove those that do not apply. See, at a glance, what has been completed and what is still outstanding.

Matter Linking

You can initiate linked matters when acting for both the Seller and the Buyer in either a new matter or an existing matter. Work in either of the linked matters to enter details. Any common information saved to either of the linked matters will auto-populate in the other linked matter.

Custom Matter Enhancements

Add the ability to produce documents, schedule appointments, and send and receive Client Information Request Forms and Shared Documents to custom matter types created in Unity

Client Checklists

Set up a list of things you need your clients to provide or do on a deal, and assign those items to them so they can see everything that you need on or before closing.

Up Next

Digital Signing Integration

Create Unity documents that are ready to be signed through one of the leading digital signing platforms. Select the documents you want signed and create your signing envelope right from Unity. Once documents have been digitally signed, click a button on your matter to have those documents uploaded to Matter Documents automatically.

Real Estate Brokerage Integration

Receive conveyancing instructions from Real Estate Brokerage directly in your Unity application under the UnityC page. Import the information from the instructions into your existing Unity matters or use the information to create and populate new Unity matters.

Unity CRM

A more holistic tool for contact, client, and opportunity management within Unity.

Calendar Integration

Sync your Unity events with your Outlook or Google calendar.

Deal Management in UnityC

Give your clients the ability to manage their entire move through innovative new applications.

Document Management

Increased ability to organize documents in UnityDrive with custom categories, folders, and sub-folders.

Automated Notifications 2.0

Increased functionality to include more status updates to specific parties involved in a matter as work progresses.

CRM Opportunities Module

Collect client information, create and track tasks, upload and store documents received, and use it all to create a matter in Unity of whatever type you choose when the time comes.

Ideas We're Exploring

Digital ID Verification

Verify your client’s ID digitally using a host of FINTRAC compliant tools and technologies.

Messaging in UnityC

Send direct messages to your clients and other stakeholders through the UnityC platform: A portal with your law firm’s branding where your clients and other stakeholders can see documents and information you have shared with them for all of the matters you handle on their behalf.

Unity Accounting

Ability to manage all of your billing and trust accounting data streamlined with your Unity matters.

In-App Messaging

Direct message with members of your team or other Unity users directly in Unity.