Price Adjustment FAQs

We want to share with you the answers to some of the most common questions that customers have been asking.

1. Why have you made such a significant price increase?

This price adjustment reflects the considerable investments made for the past few years in building Canada’s most powerful, integrated conveyancing and practice management web-based platform. DoProcess has already invested more than $50 million since 2015 and plans are underway to continue evolving the Unity platform with more innovative and timesaving features that support law professionals and the growing demands of their practice for years to come.

It retains the best parts of The Conveyancer and builds on them with powerful, new functionality. When choosing a conveyancing application or considering switching providers, be sure these important benefits are available:


The Conveyancer

Cloud-based and compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer

UnityC™, your secure connection between clients, legal professionals and other stakeholders

UnityDrive™, companion application syncs Unity files directly from the cloud to your computer for quick, local access

UnityPi™, the mobile companion app for Unity provides easy access to matter details, contacts, and more

Bank-grade security with full control over user access rights

Unity Performance Standard: Industry leading uptime and performance with 24/7 visibility

2. I wasn’t aware that Unity included all of these features. Where can I learn more about how to use them?

We offer a range of training options so you can learn the way you like best!

  • The DoProcess University is our award-winning online training platform where you can go at your own pace. Its packed with bite-size videos to help you learn specific features as well as other training tools that are always at your fingertips. Access the DoProcess University by clicking the open book icon in Unity.
  • If you prefer live interaction, sign up for one of our complimentary Unity webinars! Each webinar is led by a Unity expert who focuses in on a particular aspect of Unity to help you work more efficiently. Click on the link below to find a webinar that suits your schedule!

3. What new features are planned that justifies this price?

We are excited to share with you the many premium benefits available through Unity as well as even more innovative features that are coming soon. For more information, please visit


4. Will there be a price freeze guarantee after this?

Yes, in recognition of your loyalty, current Ontario customers receive a minimum three-year price guarantee on purchase, sale, and mortgage files, ensuring no further price increases in the foreseeable future. There is nothing you need to do to guarantee this prize freeze. There is no three year commitment you need to make, it is simply a guarantee that we will not adjust this price again for three years.


5. Is Dye & Durham going to cut services and features?

No, while DoProcess has been acquired by Dye & Durham, DoProcess will continue to support our customers with the same products and services they have always relied upon. In fact, we are committed to delivering more innovative solutions that help you manage your practice efficiently and profitably. We will continue to proudly serve legal professionals as we have for over 30 years.


6. Does this price increase apply to Projects?

No, there is no change in price for Projects users. The price adjustment only affects standard Purchase, Sale and Mortgage transactions.


7. Does this price increase apply to any of the other software programs, i.e. Will Builder, Fast Company, or Estate-a-Base?

No, there is no change in price for any of the other software programs. The price adjustment only applies to Unity and The Conveyancer.


8. I don’t want to use Unity for that price, I prefer The Conveyancer.

The Conveyancer is being decommissioned and as such will soon no longer be supported. Unity is our web-based conveyancing and practice management platform that will provide the same functionality as The Conveyancer but with so many more added-value features that The Conveyancer, with the inherent limitations of a desktop application, could not provide. Please visit for a closer look at the many premium benefits offered through Unity.


9. I haven’t transitioned to Unity yet so I’m still on The Conveyancer. I know that because it doesn’t have all the same benefits as Unity, I will receive a credit for my files completed in The Conveyancer until I transition. How does the credit program work?

Firms in the process of transitioning to Unity will receive a one-time credit of $50 for each transaction created in The Conveyancer from January 18, 2021 to the date of your Unity access. This credit will be applied to your Unity account. The credit will not exceed the number of transactions opened during the same period in 2020. This credit will be calculated and applied to your Unity account within 90 days following the completion of your transition.

Example: Your firm receives access to Unity on February 28th, 2021. Between January 18th, 2021 and February 28th, 2021 your firm creates 15 records in The Conveyancer. During the same period in 2020, your firm created 10 records in The Conveyancer. As a result, your firm will receive a credit of $500 ($50 x 10 records) in your Unity account.


Stay tuned, as we will continue to provide you regular updates about Unity and how we will support you to run your practice more efficiently and profitably than ever before!