Do Process is helping you plan for the future with our Next Generation Practice Management Suite

You’ve been hearing about how Do Process is helping you plan for the future with our Next Generation web-based practice management solution. As you know, we are working hand-in-hand with customers to build the industry’s first-ever fully integrated Law Office Practice Management Suite that will help you meet the future demands of your real estate, corporate, estate and will clients.

We’re delighted with the widespread interest customers are showing and while the development work is underway, we want to share with you some of the common questions and answers that are coming up.

Q. I love the idea that the new Do Process suite will be web-based but does that mean all the features and functionality that I learned to use with my existing Do Process applications are no longer applicable and I have to learn a new system from scratch? What happens with my existing data and document templates?

A. Only Do Process can ensure your move to the web is easy as we will provide you with the same familiar user experience as what you have now with your existing applications. We will simplify your transition even further by ensuring that your existing customer data, preferences and document templates are preserved and moved to the new system.

Q. I understand there will be new tools and functionality available to help me run my practice. Can you tell me more about that?

A. The Do Process practice management suite will be fully integrated to include powerful tools that help you run your practice efficiently to meet your current needs and capitalize on future growth opportunities. Here are some highlights of what you’ll be able to do:

1) Manage your Customers more effectively.

•  A single database of client information for all your applications.
•  Integrated data sharing and collaboration for all matters types.

2) Access all your Matters in one place, anytime and anywhere.

• Manage all matter types (Wills, Estates, Corporate and Real Estate) and create custom matter types.
• Improve performance with integrated task assignment, calendaring, messaging, email management, document automation;
• 24/7 online access from any location with centralized databases for all matter types.

Q. Will Do Process pricing model change?

A. No, Do Process will continue to provide transaction-based pricing for all applications. Transaction fees will include the new functionality along with all the features that you value today. Of course, you’ll also continue to receive our industry leading Customer Support, Training and Document Customization services. You will also never have to worry about any upgrade or fixed monthly overhead fees.

Q. How different will the new system be as compared to the existing system?

The new system will have many new capabilities and features that are not available today. However, we are trying to minimize the changes to the features that you know and love.  This will make it simple for you to get up and running on the new system with minimal training.

Q. What kind of help can I get when we transition to the new system?

A. You will have the full support of the Do Process team along with all the training you need to be successful.

Q. What will this mean to me in terms of technology requirements?

A. The new system will be completely web based application. You will not require any software on your computer (other than your document editing software, see below). The new system will work with supported versions of your popular web browsers on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Q. What document editing software will I be able to use with the new system?

A. You can continue to create documents in your document creation / editing software of choice (MS Word or Word Perfect)

Q. How will the new system protect the Security and the confidentiality of our customer information?

A. As your trusted partner, Do Process will invest significantly in security for the new system to ensure that your firm and customer information is protected:All data will be stored in Canada at a Proprietary Tier 3 data Centre with high availability.
Bank grade security capabilities

Optional two factor authentication

Account based auditing and access logging

Flexible firm / user security options and preferences

Q. When will the Do Process practice management suite be available and when can I get started?

A. For more information on timing please contact your customer success or account manager.

For more information on the next generation practice management solutions from Do Process, please visit this page for updates or contact your Do Process Customer Success / Account Manager.