1. Why are you changing the pricing model? 

We are committed to providing legal professionals with exceptional software solutions and services to streamline workflows and improve overall efficiency. Our dedication to innovation and customer service motivates us to make continuous improvements to our products and performance.  

With a 42-month subscription term, we can guarantee price protection and continue to provide ongoing technical support, training, and maintenance, while delivering new features. The 42-month agreement allows us to keep prices low for our customers and build a product roadmap that solidifies the future success of Fast Company.  

2. What are the benefits of the subscription model?

The new subscription model will offer many benefits to you including:

  • A tiered pricing model based on your previous 12 months usage
  • Unlimited transactions within your tier that provide immediate savings
  • Price protection and a monthly fee for the duration of your subscription
  • 42 months of subscription for the price of 36 months
  • Up-to-date forms and access to e-filing capabilities
  • Inclusion of Virtual Minute Book for all records
  • All-in-one fee includes ongoing technical support, training, and maintenance updates.

3. What improvements to Fast Company are you making within the subscription term?

We have many exciting new improvements underway. A few features you can look forward to soon are:

  • For Ontario: Updated Corporate forms associated with the new Ontario Business Registry, direct connection to ecore for registry filings, NAICS search, New Not-for-Profit corporate forms for the new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, ability to scan content of minute book and pull into Virtual Minute Book.
  • For Alberta: Mortgage Register and Disclosure Register

4. Where can I find my Subscription Agreement? 

Each customer of Fast Company will receive a subscription agreement including the appropriate usage tier that is customized to their current business.

5. Can I change the tier that I have been placed in?
We have automatically placed you in a tier based on the transaction volumes and records created and revalidated on your account in the last 12 months. The tier you are placed in has a specified range of transactions, at a set price. If you go above the transactions within your current tier, you will automatically be placed in the next tier up.

6. How does the new subscription save me money from the previous pay-per-use model?

We have designed the subscription pricing model so that customers in each of the tiers have the opportunity to receive savings compared to what they are paying on a pay-per-use model today. For each range of service, customers that take full advantage of the number of transactions within each tier will receive the benefit of lower pricing, in some cases approximately a 50% discount.

7. If I choose to decline the subscription terms, what will happen to my data and access to Fast Company?  

Customers who choose to decline the Subscription Agreement will continue to have access to their existing validated records and will be able to produce documents through the forms and registers tab and document production. Virtual Minute Book will also be available. Once your records have become unvalidated, you will not be able to create new records or revalidate existing records. In addition, you will not have access to document production or the use of Virtual Minute Books.

8. What happens to records that I have paid for and not yet used?

Customers can continue to use the records until they become unvalidated.

9. Will my record be accessible when it is in a not validated status? 

Yes, but you cannot access document production through the Forms and Registers tab, Document Production or use the Virtual Minute Book.

10. Why is the agreement for 42 months? 

By agreeing to a 42-month term, we can guarantee price protection over your subscription term, saving you money, and provide ongoing technical support, training, and maintenance, while delivering on new features. The agreement allows us to keep prices low for our customers and build a product roadmap that solidifies the future success of Fast Company. The term also provides an additional six-month free.

11. If I decide to decline the agreement now, can I sign up later?

Yes, Fast Company will continue to sign up new accounts. Former customers will not be able to transfer data to their new account.

12. What are some of the recent improvements that have been made to Fast Company?  

We have made many significant updates over the last couple years, such as

  • Adding Virtual Minute Books and many improvements,
  • Agent for Service
  • Professional Corporations
  • Register of Individual with Significant Control
  • Ownership Interest in Land Register; and much more.