IDscan User Guide3

13 Mar 2013


Quick Start Guide


Introducing an exclusive new feature to The Conveyancer®, IDscan technology. This new feature allows for the verification and storage of client identification images within The Conveyancer.


With Conveyancer’s IDscan functionality, you now have the ability to verify the information on the front of a driver’s licence with the information contained in the corresponding barcode on the reverse of the drivers licence.  IDscan will also save you valuable time and increase accuracy by importing the information contained in the driver’s license, into the Identification Verification Form.  It will bring you one step closer to fraud prevention by detecting discrepancies on the front of the driver’s licence with the information contained in the barcode.


With the Client Identification Storage, you will have the ability to store and manage all of your clients’ identification directly within the record, paperlessly.

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