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Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy Teranet is committed to complying with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law as it may be amended from time to time,…

Amanda Layton-2019-05-29 10:51


Accessible Customer Service Policy and Procedure Providing Goods and Services to People with Disabilities 1. Purpose The intent of the…

Amanda Layton-2019-05-29 10:44

Training Calendar

Training CalendarTo ensure you know how to use our software to its full potential, DoProcess is pleased to provide complimentary,...

Amanda Layton-2019-05-29 09:42

Thank-You Order

Thank you for your orderThank you for submitting your order with DoProcess. If you purchased Unity: Your order will be...

Unity-2019-05-09 14:53


Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias test2 not found. Maybe you mean: 'home-saskatchewan' or 'home-default' or 'home-manitoba' or 'home-ontario' or...

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Setting up Teranet Connect

Unity-2019-03-21 09:37

IDscan User Guide3

IDscan User Guide313 Mar 2013 IDscan Quick Start Guide   Introducing an exclusive new feature to The Conveyancer®, IDscan technology. This new...

Unity-2019-03-20 21:25

Pay Page Faqs

Pay Page FAQs What is the DoProcess Web Pay Page? This simple Web Pay Page provides customers using the invoice...

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DO PROCESS LP END USER AGREEMENT   Revised October 1, 2017   1.           Program: The “Program” means the software program...

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Customer Service Representative

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