ProSuite FAQS


1. How much does it cost to use ProSuite?

ProSuite charges a fee for each file completed. The price per file is $27 per transaction.

  • No upfront costs to install or setup the service
  • No charge for training or customer support

2.Do you charge a different price depending on the type of transaction?

The same for each file regardless of whether you're working on a purchase, sale or refinance transaction.

    3.How do we pay?

    Payments can be made by cheque, payable to DoProcess LP and mailed to:

    DoProcess Software
    c/o T01952C
    P.O. Box 1952, Station A
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5W 1W9

    Payments can be made by credit card by vaulting your card with Moneris and enabling your account in ProSuite. For full instructions on how to set up credit card payments, click here.

    4.Does ProSuite automatically create forms to be filed electronically using the LTSA's Electronic Filing System (EFS)?

    Yes! All forms are generated with the click of a button.

    5. Can you file electronically to the Land Title Office using ProSuite?

    Yes! ProSuite lets you select the appropriate LTSA forms and drag them into the proper submission order to speed up electronic filing.

    7. Are mortgage documents and reports available? How do you keep them updated?

    Yes. ProSuite staff monitors and updates the mortgage documents for all major financial institutions and credit unions. These documents are stored in a template library available to all ProSuite customers.

    8. Can we create our own templates and use our own precedents?

    Yes. ProSuite allows you to create your own templates and store them in your firm’s private template library.

    9. Where does ProSuite save the documents that are generated?

    All documents are stored directly on your computer or network drive.

    10. What software and hardware (Technical Requirements) do you need to use ProSuite?

    Minimum System:
    Processor Intel i5 or similar with 6 GB memory
    Windows 7
    .NET Framework 4.6
    Internet Explorer V11
    MS Office Word 2003
    Adobe Acrobat DC or higher (Standard or Pro)

    Recommended System:
    Processor Intel i7 or similar with 8 GB memory
    Windows 10
    Microsoft Edge
    .NET Framework 4.6
    MS Office Word 2010
    Adobe Acrobat DC or higher (Standard or Pro)

    Suggested Internet Access For firms with less than 3 users, we recommend broadband internet packages from your ISP that support 30 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload or better.
    For firms with 3 to 6 users, we recommend broadband internet packages from your ISP that support 60 Mbps download speed and 6 Mbps upload or better.
    For firms with more than 6 users, we strongly recommend a dedicated, commercial-grade internet connection for the use of ProSuite.

    Consult your ISP about the appropriate internet connection package for your firm.

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