Unity® New Brunswick Edition

If you use The Conveyancer today, we will upgrade you to Unity at no additional charge. You can learn more about what your future move to Unity will be like here.

Secure, modern, cloud-based conveyancing

Based on the The Conveyancer – Canada’s #1 practice specific solution for real estate practitioners – Unity brings comprehensive and secure conveyancing to the web. Unity combines “work-from-anywhere” convenience with a host of new timesaving features.

Unity is available in several provinces. To ensure the accuracy of the product information displayed, please ensure you select your province below:

As a fully integrated practice management platform, Unity lets you manage your practice more efficiently than ever before. Legal professionals can optimize their workflows and benefit from accessing our industry-leading partner solutions from insurers, lenders, and other industry stakeholders, directly from Unity and all within a completely secure online environment. Since it’s web-based, we take care of all version updates, security, upgrades, or virus protection for Unity. We’ll do all of that for you while you focus your valuable time on your practice.

Everything you need in one place. It’s that simple.

  • FREE online training webinars
  • FREE customization of master documents
  • Includes upgrades and ongoing support from knowledgeable staff
  • Transaction based license with client-disbursable fees
  • Supplementary databases provided (including banks, insurance brokers, solicitors, among others)



Powerful Integrations

Unity provides access to a network of industry-leading partners including title insurers, mortgage instructing providers, virtual meeting rooms, and remote signing tools among others.

Timesaving Tools

Unity automates virtually all documentation required to complete purchase, sale and mortgage transactions. It’s full of timesaving features to help you speed through your day including an intuitive workflow, automatic Canada Post address look-up that accurately populates address information, and the ability to store, edit and manage your documents online so you can access them from virtually anywhere.


Top Tier Security

Unity is built on bank-grade technology and features Two-Step Verification to ensure maximum security. Hosted on dedicated, private cloud solutions, all Unity data resides in Canada.

  • Two-Step Verification
  • User access rights management
  • Bank-grade encryption of data
  • 15 minute inactivity timeout
  • Securely stored in Canada
  • 100% customer ownership of data

Global Databases Crowdsourced from the Legal Community

Unity harnesses the power of over 15,000 legal professionals who use DoProcess applications daily. Just like Wikipedia relies on 100,000 active contributors to add new knowledge daily, legal professionals who use Unity can access and continually update comprehensive global databases including jurisdictions, mortgagees, and brokers among others.

UnityPi is a companion app exclusively for Unity customers, available at no additional cost.

It helps you achieve work/life balance with on-the-go access to all the info you need to be productive outside the office. And because UnityPi gives you a new way to see your data, you can make informed, data-driven decisions about your business now, and into the future.

Even better, just for using UnityPi, you’ll be entered in a monthly draw for a $100 Visa gift card! Learn more

Modern Mobility

Keep your finger on the pulse of your practice from anywhere with your Apple or Android phone.

Your Schedule – On the Go

Plan your day easily with one-touch access to all your upcoming events.

Matters Overview

Keep track of matters on the go – complete with all your important client, contact, and property information.

Practice Performance

Make data-informed decisions using real-time insights into the health of your practice including how your file workload is shared across staff and upcoming closings.


Plan for the Future

See how your business is doing compared to the same time last year – forecast upcoming needs and more accurately plan for seasonal changes

Stay in Touch

All of your Unity contacts in one place, available while you’re on the go. Seamlessly email or phone any contact from right within UnityPi.

Adding UnityPi to your phone

Visit unity.doprocess.com/pi on your mobile device then add it to your home screen using the instructions below.

iPhone (iOS)

Android (Chrome)

Android (Non-Chrome)

UnityC is the secure, timesaving, use-it-from-anywhere connection between Unity law offices, clients, other legal professionals and stakeholders.

UnityC lets you serve your customers better while collaborating with other legal professionals and stakeholders securely – in the cloud.

UnityC saves everyone a lot of time.

Client Intake Portal

Simplify every step of client intake with automated communications and online document completion.

Secure Document Sharing

Share documents with your clients and seamlessly collaborate with other professionals involved in completing matters.

Realtime Status Dashboard

Capture and review important documents in realtime across all your clients in your dashboard. UnityC’s cloud-based document management system replaces email exchanges, phone calls and searching for attachments.

Referral Engine

Grow your business using UnityC’s built-in referral engine. It’s never been easier for stakeholders to refer clients to you. Complete, ready-to-action referral info shows up in your UnityC dashboard and can quickly be made into active matters.

Why use UnityC

Automates the client in-take and communication process by generating client contact emails and tracking progress to completion.

See it all in one place: The UnityC dashboard lets you see all your client communications, documents and progress on one screen.

Control the chaos: In-progress and completed documents are organized by status and are available to use right inside Unity.

Do it all online: No more phone calls and time-consuming email exchanges. Communication, collaboration and document management is done completely online.

Peace of mind: Bank-grade access protocols, proprietary high-security cloud servers and realtime scans of uploaded documents are just a few of the measures we take to you and your clients safe. Safe and secure.

Reduces data entry errors: Clients enter their own information, and your firm verifies everything is correct and adds it to a matter– all online.

Everyone is invited:

You don’t need to be part of the Unity universe to benefit from UnityC. Here are just a few examples: with a simple sign-up, clients can provide their in-take information and upload their documents. Documents can be easily sent to lawyers. Real estate agents and other stakeholders can easily submit referrals and everything stays organized for easy recall.


Assyst Real Estate

Assyst Real Estate is an online mortgage processing solution that electronically links lawyers and notaries to lenders. It is a solution that simplifies the way legal forms and mortgage documents are created and managed, and it helps facilitate paperless mortgage transactions. Assyst Real Estate has been an overwhelming success since it was first introduced over a decade ago. Now a Dye & Durham solution, Assyst Real Estate is used by thousands of lawyers and notaries across Canada to process online mortgage transactions.

Stewart Title Guaranty Company

A leader in the Canadian title insurance industry, Stewart Title helps its customers increase efficiency and decrease costs by offering value-added title insurance products for residential and commercial properties. Stewart Title’s policies provide peace of mind to your clients by safeguarding against losses arising from various title and off-title defects.



Ordering residential title insurance from FCT is easy, quick and designed to conveniently fit into your workflow. FCT understands the important role you play in the real estate transaction. If you have questions or need help, FCT’s team will make your experience a positive one during each and every interaction. Just call 1-866-804-3122 or use “live help” to speak to a Customer Service Representative or Underwriter – available weekdays 8-8 EST.



The mortgage application process is time consuming and labour intensive. When processing your mortgage documents you need the support and know-how that can only come from years of experience — years of experience in the real estate industry.

Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC®) was created in 2008 by the technology experts at FCT and backed by the highest level of customer service excellence. Working in close collaboration with notaries and lawyers from across the country, the system was built to address your unique mortgage-processing requirements in a single, low-cost web-based solution. Secure and simple-to-use, LLC is currently the solution of choice for over 6,300 lawyers nationwide. LLC easily integrates with the Conveyancer® and allows you to work and communicate with lenders faster and more efficiently, while meeting all applicable regulations.

Lexis Nexis®

LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of information and workflow solutions designed to serve the changing needs of professionals in legal, corporate, government and academic organizations. LexisNexis® offerings include the Quicklaw® online legal research service; Butterworths® print and e-book titles; the Lexis® and Nexis® research services for global legal, news and business information; Quicklaw® for Microsoft® Office; and leading solutions in Practice Management, Litigation Services, and Client Development.

CosmoLex logo


CosmoLex is a web-based legal accounting software, that provides comprehensive, current and compliant bookkeeping for the entire law office. CosmoLex is built from the ground up to handle all of the unique accounting requirements your law firm must meet to ensure 100% compliance – protecting you from errors & penalties that come from using generic accounting software.


Syngrafii is a leading innovator of e-signing and remote execution tools. Their iinked Sign™ and Video Signing Room™ delivers best-in-class remote transactions backed by authentic, single use biometric eSignatures, resulting in best practice in ensuring regulatory compliance, improved customer service – resulting in faster, safer and more cost-effective document transactions.


DocuSign pioneered the development of e-signature technology, and today DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. DocuSign offers eSignature – the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.


The new TitlePLUS is a one-stop, easy process for lawyers and clerks to get great title insurance for their clients. Backed by LAWPRO®, it is fast and easy to use and includes the TitlePLUS Legal Counsel Fee to recognize the work done by lawyers. Within minutes, you can complete an online application and most policies automatically include legal service coverage.


Transaction Fees:

$100 per purchase
$100 per sale
$100 per mortgage

Buying Transaction Credits:
For credit card customers only

  • We make it easy!
  • Purchase transaction credits from within Unity
  • Automate your payment method

You get:

  • FREE Upgrades and Ongoing Enhancements
  • FREE Telephone Support
  • FREE Partner Integrations
  • FREE Training

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“As a law clerk with over 15 years of experience using The Conveyancer, I found moving to Unity simple. There was a small learning curve going from one application to another, but it was easily handled and DoProcess was there to help us every step of the way. Moving to a web-based application has been great. We have been able to gain new efficiencies such as quick document production, auto entered data, no lag time with links to Assyst, Teranet and Stewart Title that were not available with The Conveyancer. Overall our move to Unity has been a great thing for myself and for our firm.”

Rebecca Hundert
Law Clerk