Will Builder®

Wills, the simple way.

For the sixth consecutive year, Will Builder has been awarded a Canadian Lawyer Readers’ Choice Award by legal professionals across Canada who voted for their preferred practice management software.

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Canadian Lawyer: 2020-2021 Readers' Choice Award: Practice Areas-Specific Software/Solutions - Estates, Wills & Trusts

Will Builder, like no other wills program, provides a fresh, friendly and visual approach to creating a will. Using a wealth of automated expertise, it asks you the right questions to make the process of drafting and assembling wills and powers of attorney quicker and easier.

Reinventing the way you perform wills and powers of attorney!

  • Includes upgrades and ongoing support from our knowledgeable and courteous staff
  • FREE online training webinars!
  • Unparalleled file management and document tracking!


Quick and Easy Preparation

We provide you with hundreds of specialized features, with the ability to manage the preparation of documents. Will Builder understands how to build a will, guides you through the process and makes wording adjustments where appropriate.



As an added convenience to you, your existing client information can be imported from other DoProcess parties databases –
The Conveyancer, Fast Company, Estate-a-Base.

You have the ability to replicate one client’s disposition and generate the reciprocal will and let Will Builder take care of the necessary wording adjustments.

Unique Visual Summary

The unique dispositions screen provides a graphic representation of the testator’s gifts, supplying a helpful visual summary which can be printed for review by clients.



New Subscription Pricing:

Prices starting as low as $12/month

You get:

  • FREE Upgrades and Ongoing Enhancements
  • FREE Telephone Support
  • FREE Training
  • Unlimited workstations and users


Getting Started (simply).


We use Will Builder to draft estate planning documents for all of our clients. The documents look professional and the software is easy to use and easy to customize.

Angela Anderson
Anderson & Hamilton Professional Corporation