Customer Service Centre

Our Customer Service Centre team takes pride in providing knowledgeable and responsive support to all customers, ensuring that each individual has an exceptional experience.

Using sophisticated call routing technology, calls are directed to the team member with the specific expertise necessary to assist your needs. Continuous real time monitoring of call activity means that your call will typically be answered in less than one minute.

The Customer Service Centre has a great deal of experience working with legal professionals. In addition to this, we use an action request tracking system that is linked to solutions so that we can resolve problems faster. This ensures that no matter which team member you speak with, they will have an understanding of your experience.

We listen to our customers. Our representatives will work with other teams to make certain you receive the answers you need, and share your feedback with our senior management team.

We stand behind our promise to deliver timely, quality service. We measure, monitor and report to ensure our performance exceeds industry standards; however, it is your satisfaction that matters most.