Unity® is our modern, web-based practice management platform based on our award-winning software, The Conveyancer®. Because of that heritage, if you’ve used The Conveyancer in the past, you’ll have a strong foundation to build on. However, to optimize functionality and layout for the web, there are differences. Unity is designed to help you get as much done as quickly and conveniently as possible, and compared to The Conveyancer, much more information is prepopulated for you in your matter as you work.

For a quick look at some of those differences, watch the videos below. Each video shows how a common task is completed in both The Conveyancer and Unity.


Adding a purchaser and spouse
Unity simplifies the process of adding a purchaser and spouse


Canada Post Lookup
Type either an address or postal code and Unity will provide suggestions as you type


Contact Searching in a Matter
Unity will automatically search your contacts database as soon as you start typing


Document Production
See how to:

  • Produce and open documents
  • Produce merge documents
  • Save documents
  • Access your documents


Global Databases
See how Unity utilizes crowdsourced data to improve the quality of Global Databases and how to create the lender name you want without losing the ability to associate lender forms. You can also find a complete list of which databases are global and which are never shared with other Unity users here.


Title Insurance
In Unity, we make ordering Title Insurance even easier by connecting you directly to the provider. This video will walk you through how to order Title Insurance within Unity