Virtual Minute Book Sample

Virtual Minute Books are now available in Fast Company®!

You told us you wanted it, so we’re delivered! Virtual Minute Books are free and available now in Fast Company to help you work even more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Save Money

  • Reduce or eliminate costly physical Minute Book storage, and repurpose expensive office space for activities that increase billings
  • Clients can independently view, download, or print desired documents as needed
  • Damaged, lost, or stolen Minute Books can be recovered virtually, instantly and without administrative effort

Save Time

  • Have access to any document right at your fingertips so no more wasted time trying to locate the physical copy and find the right document
  • Happier clients because they can access Minute Book documents themselves outside of regular hours
  • Access information and documents on-the-go from virtually any computer, tablet, or phone

Completely Secure and In Your Control

  • Completely secure document delivery instead of relying on risky emails which aren’t secure
  • Control access rights to specific documents for accountants, bankers, or other parties

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